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7 Days to Die A20, not the right config

  • Last Post 03 January 2022
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Marda posted this 03 January 2022

Hi everyone, I recently bought AMP to host minecraft and 7 days. Works well so far. However, I now noticed that the 7days serverconfig file is not quite correct, at least one value is missing that was added with A20:

property name="ZombieFeralSense" value="0" /property ! - 0-3 ( Off, Day, Night, All) -

Unfortunately, I can't use it because I can't add it manually either, because AMP overwrites the config file every time the server is started.

AMP is installed on Windows server 2016.

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AbhorrentJoel posted this 03 January 2022

Which configuration option?

Marda posted this 03 January 2022

oh thanks for the hint, due to the formatting (less-than sign and greater-than sign) it was not included in the comment. i edited it.

crap, I think I just clicked wrong when I wanted to answer you, and marked the topic as solved. if an admin sees this, the subject is not solved.

AbhorrentJoel posted this 03 January 2022

Ah, I see. Yes, I believe this property is not in AMP yet.