What OS you're using
-Cent OS Linux 8 Kernel 1.18.0-348.2.1el85.x8664 on an x86_64
What version of AMP you're using
-AMP Release "Triton" v2.3.0.4, built 19/11/2021 15:58
What you're trying to do
-Create a 7 Days to Die server.
-From Start to finish:
---(From web GUI) I click "Create new instance"
---Select Application: 7 Days to Die
--- Friendly Name (Optional): 7D2D
--- Click "Create Instance"
--- Click "Manage"
--- Click "Console"
--- Click "Update"
--- (game downloads, installs, updates, and verifies)
--- Click "Start"
--- Click "Instance"
--- Right click "7D2D"
--- Choose "View Logs"
What actually happens (Do not say 'Nothing', always be brutally specific)
Success! App '294420' fully installed.
[11:16:22] [API:admin Activity]   : Starting the application.
[11:16:28] [SevenDays:admin Info] : Connecting to telnet
[11:16:28] [SevenDays:admin Warning] : The application stopped unexpectedly. Exit code 139
[11:16:29] [SevenDays:admin Info] : Connecting to telnet
[11:16:29] [SevenDays:admin Warning] : RCON connection failed, console write unavailable.

I did see the link at https://github.com/CubeCoders/AMP/wiki/Diagnosing-AMP-issues and have enabled both Monitoring.ProduceStartupScripts and Security.LogSensitiveProcArgs but the password in my password manager does not seem to work.