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7 Days to die - Server Ports "closed"

  • Last Post 19 December 2021
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xxxONURISxxx posted this 19 December 2021

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.4.3

Product Name/Version: AMP Release "Triton" v2.3.0.6, built 02/12/2021 15:36

Problem Description: I created a game server for 7 Days to die with AMP. Unfortunately it is not possible to connect to it. The query of "ampinstmgr ports" results in ...

[Info] AMP Instance Manager v2.3.0.6 built 02/12/2021 15:38
[Info] Release spec: Release - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
[Info] Port usage for SevenDays02 (SevenDays)
[Info] Instance is currently running.
[Info] LISTENING        8083    TCP     (Core.Webserver.Port)
[Info] LISTENING        2226    TCP     (FileManagerPlugin.SFTP.SFTPPortNumber)
[Info] CLOSED           27020   Both    (SevenDaysModule.Server.ServerPort)
[Info] CLOSED           8767    TCP     (SevenDaysModule.Server.WebServicePort)
[Info] CLOSED           27021   TCP     (SevenDaysModule.Server.TelnetPort)

Obviously, some ports are closed. What can I do?

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 - Create new Instance with "7 Days to die" and start the Instance

Step 2 - "Manage" the new Instance and "Update" the Game

Step 3 - Start the Gameserver

Step 4 - Stop the Server and the Instance and change the Port

Step 5 - Start Instance and Gameserver -> Port is "closed"

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Mike posted this 19 December 2021

Does the generated configuration file reflect the correct port numbers?

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xxxONURISxxx posted this 19 December 2021

Thank you! That was the problem.