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7D2D: Config File Option Missing

  • Last Post 29 August 2019
crainbramp posted this 29 August 2019

OS: Server 2016 Standard AMP Version: v1.8.5.0, built 28/08/2019 20:08

PROBLEM: When creating a 7D2D server, the new server config options for serverconfig.xml are left out. These were added in A17.2 and are used extensively. Most important is the new option User Data Folder. This allows you to put your save game folder, which now includes the Generated Worlds folder, in the 7D2D server directory.

I've tried adding these options to the config manually, but they get overwritten when the server starts. If I change the file to read-only, it will not start the server.

<!-- <property name="UserDataFolder"                value="absolute path" /> -->    <!-- Use this to override where the server stores all generated data, including RWG generated worlds. Do not forget to uncomment the entry! -->
<property name="BloodMoonFrequency" value="7"></property> <!-- What frequency (in days) should a blood moon take place -->
<property name="BloodMoonRange" value="0"></property> <!-- How many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the above setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency -->
<property name="BloodMoonWarning" value="8"></property> <!-- The Hour number that the red day number begins on a blood moon day. Setting this to -1 makes the red never show. -->
<property name="LandClaimCount" value="1"></property> <!-- Maximum allowed land claims per player. -->
<property name="BlockDamagePlayer" value="25"></property> <!-- How much damage do players to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) -->
<property name="BlockDamageAI" value="100"></property> <!-- How much damage do AIs to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) -->
<property name="BlockDamageAIBM" value="100"></property> <!-- How much damage do AIs during blood moons to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) -->
<property name="XPMultiplier" value="100"></property> <!-- XP gain multiplier (percentage in whole numbers) -->

Thanks, Don

crainbramp posted this 29 August 2019

By the way, this information was buried in documentation in the new release, and one of the values (BlockDamagePlayer) got changed from 25 to 100, fixing an obvious imbalance. However, the settings are definitely here to stay.

Most everything should be exposed to the player to change in the GUI, (especially those blood moon settings), with the UserDataFolder just being set to the same value as SaveGameFolder, which is most common. This way, the generated world, world region files, etc, is all in the root directory (think backups); otherwise it'll all be outside that root directory with no easy way to do world resets if you're keeping the same seed (also quite common).