As of today, will 'just work' on Ubuntu 19.10 or newer for aarch64! Simply run the same command as before:

sudo su -c "bash <(wget -qO-"

And it will detect that it's running on an aarch64 system and add the correct repo.

A few caveats for now:

  • It doesn't know which modules will and won't actually run, so it'll let you try and create instances that will never run on aarch64 systems such as srcds instances
  • It's only had fairly minimal testing
  • It takes a long time for instances to stop, which makes the setup process a little slow in places.
  • Only Ubuntu 19.10+ is supported. 18.04 may work but is untested, other distros will not be getting aarch64 support for now.

It's also worth noting that this won't work on Raspbian owing to it only having a 32-bit userspace and AMP is 64-bit only.

But for now, AMP on aarch64 should work great for ADS controllers, or perhaps for lightweight Minecraft servers based on Paper :)