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Add crossplay for ARK module

  • Last Post 15 June 2020
logiclama posted this 13 June 2020

Says it most in the title, recently ARK pushed out an update with crossplay between multiple platforms. Create a setting to enable it?

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Mike posted this 13 June 2020

Some documentation on what the setting is called and what value it wants would be helpful :)

falconire posted this 14 June 2020

The new Ark command is -crosspaly which lets the steam and Epic version of the game join the same dedicated servers.

As it is a custom game flag does Amp need an update for this ?

-crossplay (enables Crossplay on Dedicated Server) -epiconly (enables Epic Game Store only players to connect to the Dedicated Server) -UseVivox (enables Vivox on Steam only servers)

Mike posted this 15 June 2020

There's an option in the Ark module for custom flags so you can do this manually for now until AMP gets an update to add these as flags.