In March I wrote about how ADS as a Windows service stopped working on my Windows 10 Pro home computer. Without any solution, even after reinstalling AMP, I completely reinstalled the computer. ADS seemed to work fine.

Today, I once again have noticed that ADS no longer starts as a service.

Launching from the exe, I am receiving an error:

[17:16:04] [InstanceManager Error] : You cannot start instances you do not own as a non-root user. You are AMP and this instance belongs to NETWORK SERVICE. [17:16:04] [InstanceManager Error] : Do not attempt to change the owner of an instance, this will damage your installation. Switch to the correct user and try again.

I must once again resort to manually starting the instance, or creating a task-scheduler event to run the "Instances\ADS01\AMP.exe". However, if the computer reboots, I am guessing that instances will shut off incorrectly.

EDIT - the task scheduler doesn't seem to work to launch the exe.