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Amp FTB DW20 1.12 - release 1.1.0 Issues

  • Last Post 27 November 2017
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Perg posted this 27 November 2017

So ive just installed FTB DW20 1.12 - release 1.1.0 When i launch the game with the given Server start file from the download. game launches properly and when I get into game I am able to craft wood into Wood planks

When i take the same setup and launch it in the AMP Manager v the game launches just fine however once i join the game i am unable to craft Wood into Wood planks. Which also means i am unable to progress in the game atall.

So when i launch outside of the manager all is well, inside the manager its basically broken.

Images Below in referance

Perg posted this 27 November 2017

Resolved Via Discord Support The issue lied with running the 1.12.2.jar as a Service inside AMP (previous versions ran fine.) once the file locations were changed and the Hkey pointer was set to the new location all issues were resolved. Thanks again Mike!

CCL/Mike - its not a problem with AMP the solution to this is to make sure that the instance datastore isn't inside AppData move it to somewhere like C:\AMP\ then update the registry entry for where it is and make sure that NETWORK SERVICE has full read/write access to that directory The key to update is HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SOFTWARE/CubeCoders/AMP/InstanceManager