Previous release notes for AMP TITAN is a minor set of fixes on top of


  • Fix a bad interpolated string when showing errors for provision settings.
  • Temporarily removed IP addresses from setting types that are locked out (until these get added to ADS)
  • Fixed bindings for KVP settings that are read-only.
  • Include all child process wait times when calcaulating process CPU usage on Linux.
  • Fix coloring in mobile manifest data.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Complete overhaul for service management on Windows. Should no longer require admin rights to start/stop instances that are services!
  • ampinstmgr will attempt to start service instances even if they don't 'belong' to the current user.


  • Fixed registering targets when no 2FA code is specified.

Minecraft Module

  • Added additional log sanitizers to handle newer versions of FTB
  • Fix summon commands for smite/fabulous

AMP includes a new Web Request plugin (replacing the former Push Bullet Plugin) which adds Discord integrations to the scheduler! In addition to this there's a handful of bug fixes (especially for 7 days to die) and some usability improvements to ADS and the file manager.

Don't forget to CTRL+F5 after updating!


  • Network settings for managed instances can no longer be changed from within those instances anymore (This was always the case as it happens, but it caused confusion as they would change, but then ADS would just change the settings back)
  • Fix incorrect CPU usage calculation on multi-socket systems on Linux.
  • Session mappings now take into account X-Forwarded-For (Requires that UsingReverseProxy and ReverseProxyHost are set)
  • Implemented asynchronous schedule tasks (allows tasks to run in the background, to be used at a later time)
  • Changed the error for a missing licence to explain how to fix this
  • Added mappings for AMP Black and Platium editions (and add platinum to whitelist for commercial usage)

Instance Manager Core

  • Implemented reserved port ranges for autoconfiguration (E.g. ARMA 3 requires the base port + 6 more to be reserved)


  • Add a 'Create Instance' button for each target.
  • Allow registering targets to controllers where the admin user has 2FA enabled.
  • Changed 'Standalone' during instance creation to 'Unmanaged (Not Recommended)'

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed extracting plugins that are supplied as archives rather than single jar files.
  • Updated message handlers for newer Minecraft versions.
  • Suppress duplicate "Preparing spawn area" messages so long as garbage suppression is enabled.
  • Updated download URLs for Paper.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Added a heap of missing settings
  • Updated GameMode to always be GameModeSurvival
  • Added a provisioning setting for the map viewer port

ARMA 3 Module

  • Fixed RCON failing to connect (requires port movement and remapping! recommend recreating these instances)

Web Request Plugin

  • New plugin! Replaces old PushBulletPlugin
  • AMP will automatically load this instead of PushBulletPlugin.
  • Allows making requests to arbitary URLs.
  • Discord webhook support!

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed an issue where certain special characters in passwords would make SteamCMD fail (now escaped properly)
  • Fixed an issue where having more than 10 or so workshop items would make downloads fail (they are now grouped into sets of 5 at a time)

File Manager Plugin

  • Now shows an error when you attempt to upload a folder rather than doing nothing.
  • Implemented "Empty Trash"
  • Disabled fast mode for file transfers over 256MB (temporary workaround for a webserver bug handling large file uploads)

Backup Plugin

  • Exclude .trash from backups.

MSI Installer

  • PicoRCON is now included by default