This is a fairly minor update that mostly includes bug fixes, Windows users especially should update to this version.


  • Frontend: 'Slider' style checkboxes now work cross browser. Firefox getting some love!
  • Scheduler partial rework. Now shows appropriate UI for task parameters.
  • Fixed issue with plugin loading that could cause post-init to be executed multiple times.
  • Added flag to ignore working directory (for future shared-mode setups)

Instance Manager Core

  • Fixed an NRE getting remote IP address lists.
  • Fixed bad parameter lists for InstallDaemon.
  • Fixed startup permissions testing (resolves issues around starting/using services on Windows)
  • Fixed exception being thrown if StartInstance fails (should be ActionResult)

ADS Module

  • Verifies that the instance being managed is the same release stream as ADS as well as the same version. Can be bypassed via settings.

Web Request Plugin

  • Added 'POST' request schedule task.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed a bad ID parameter in RemovePlugin that made it not behave correctly when accessed via ADS.

Rust Module

  • Workaround for UMod issues on Linux.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Fix restarting.

The Forest Module

  • Added a handful of missing settings.