This release is slightly out-of-band and is being released early because it addresses a critical bug affecting the Minecraft module. An excessively large setting specification (which had grown because of an external datasource, thus why so many people were affected) was stopping any of the settings from working properly. This has been addressed by making AMP only load what it needs initially and requesting additional data on-demand. It's completely seamless and invisible.

It is especially important that you clear your browser cache when updating to this release!


  • Fixed adding console messages when a username is a number
  • Fixed adding schedule triggers+tasks
  • Fixed a potential NRE in websocket broadcasts
  • Fixed a potential NRE in licencing system when adding licences
  • Fixed setting specification getting so large that it choked out the browser and made the entire web interface die
  • Fixed (hopefully?) notifications disappearing too early
  • Added support for deffered setting specification data lists. Extra information is now requested on-demand. Significant API change.
  • (Stealth update) Change order in which extra setting spec data is loaded, and pre-cache during AMP startup instead of on first login.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Fixed bad argument lists for InstallDaemon

ADS Module

  • Added error tolerance and recovery for websocket notification syncing.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Fixed high CPU usage issue within AMP on Windows when 7d2d server stops.

Rust Module

  • Implemented WebRCON to replace the (now deprecated) Source RCON.
  • Console works again!

Minecraft Module

  • All version selection sources are now deferred.


  • Added support for WebRCON protocol.

Windows Installer

  • During upgrades/reinstalls - checks the registry for an existing datastore directory reference. Avoids "Where's my stuff?" after upgrades.