AMP is a minor update consisting of just a few bug fixes and some minor feature enhancements. This update should be treated as largely discretionary unless you're affected by any of the addressed bugs.


  • Fixed an issue where the webserver would fail to start up if it couldn't write out an empty Custom.css file.
  • Fixed a collision issue when using GetEntriesSince on console entries.
  • Fixed console history fallback when websockets are unavailable not working.

ADS Module

  • Remote tasks monitor correctly handles failures mid-stream and closes the session before trying to restart it a second later.
  • Added 'Create as Shared' setting for new instances. Experimental!
  • Instances and targets now have a configurable description field.

AIM Core

  • Added (experimental!) support for shared instances on Linux. These instances share the same AMP installation and just have separate configs. They cannot be updated except via the package manager (apt update).

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Added --shared flag for creating new instances.

File Manager Plugin

  • When producing large archives, Zip64 if used if neceessary.