This is a larger bugfix release with a couple of minor new features. Of note is the way that ampinstmgr ports actually shows you which ports are actually open/in use to see if your application is working correctly and to diagnose 'port in use' situations.


  • Webserver won't fall over if it can't write out a blank custom.css file.
  • Fixed setting lists not being updated correctly when edited.
  • User list in the console is now data-bound, should be more accurate now.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause token injection to fail due to a race condition (item collision)
  • Fixed CPU info detection if lscpu is unable to function.
  • Styling changes in console to neaten things up a bit.
  • Websocket in browser autoreconnects on failure now instead of stalling out.
  • Hidden the 'edit' button on schedule tasks temporarily until its implemented.

ADS Module

  • Fixed issue with remote tasks monitoring that could crash ADS (caused by not fully closing the connection properly when encountering an error)
  • Added 'reactivateall' command to reactivate all instances (exclusing ADS)
  • Instances friendly names are shown in the title when managing them.
  • Fixed not being able to save instance settings without a description.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • ampinstmgr ports now performs a netstat-like function, showing you which ports are actually listening out of those the instance expects to be using.

AIM Core

  • Fixed unpack on Linux not removing unnecessary files.
  • Fixed a crash if permissions cannot be updated when unpacking instances on Windows.

File Manager

  • Uses zip64 if needed to create large (4GB+) archives.

ARMA3 Module

  • Updated RCON to accomodate new bug in ARMA3 server (now retries even if the server tells it that the password is wrong, when it isn't)