AMP is a pure bug fix release with no new features.


  • Significant console tidy-ups. Everything is aligned properly, less duplication and unnecessary output
  • Added rate limiting to notification progress updates (downloads spam huge amounts of them)
  • Fixed notification status tracking and actions. Fixes missing cancel buttons on cancellable tasks such as backups
  • Added -version command line flag.
  • Fixed categories showing up in settings even if they had no visible settings within them.

ADS Module

  • Fixed missing 'Return to instances' button.
  • Fixed bad layout regression in first time setup wizard.

AIM Core

  • Fixed symlink resolution. Add better fallbacks for error conditions.
  • Added new mechanism to check AMP version on Linux instances now that non-platform files are removed.
  • Changed regex for allowed instance names to allow for underscores.
  • Added a trap around directory removal when removing instances (catches access denied errors better etc)
  • Fixed setting bindings for attaching instances (Missing Core. prefix)