This is a major new release, including an all new module! FiveM lets you run your own customised GTA V server your way. See for more information.

FiveM Module

  • All new module! Supports both Windows and Linux
  • Capable of automatically downloading, installing and configuring FiveM.
  • Allows for custom settings via user.cfg file.
  • Includes a custom FiveM 'resource' which allows AMP to communicate with the server.


  • Lots of nice minor UI changes. Return to Instances is now a menu item, much nicer on mobile.
  • Top bar from ADS no longer overlays individual instances, makes search bar usable too.
  • Fix target information not being saved if the description is empty.

Srcds Module

  • Fixed resource usage tracking on Linux.

Rust Module

  • Fixed chmod on compiler
  • Added server.tickrate setting.

7d2d Module

  • Added UMod support

Minecraft Module

  • Don't show the 'custom' server arguments setting unless the custom server type is selected.
  • Implemented player join/leave triggers for Bedrock

File Manager

  • Added directory renaming

Instance Manager Core

  • Added LANG environment variable so error messages etc always show in English. Also fixes utility output (lscpu) where AMP is expecting output in English.


  • Release notes open in a new window.
  • Removed GPU name from AMD CPU name in system info.

RCON Plugin

  • Implemented Quake RCON client (Used by FiveM module, also usable from PicoRCON)