This update comprises mostly of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements with only minor feature changes.


  • Include full exception log + assessment when saving Windows error logs in the event viewer.
  • Implemented licence-specific features with a feature availability test.
  • Add Black edition to list permitted to run unsigned plugins.
  • The 'cancel task' dialog has been changed from "Cancel Task" and "Cancel" (the latter being 'do nothing') to be "Cancel Task" and "Continue Task". Less confusing.

ADS Module

  • Fixed handling of port bindings for situations where the same port is used for both UDP and TCP.
  • Updated default port ranges to include those used by FiveM.
  • Updated application mappings to include BungeeCord.
  • Add a warning to the web interface if the protocol/port doesn't match the default auth server.

FiveM Module

  • Check Git is installed before performing update.
  • Add option to not appear in the main server list.
  • Create data path if it doesn't exist (git failed) when writing config. Prevents crashing on update if git fails.
  • Updated integration resource (update required) that's more stable on startup to workaround a bug in FiveM itself.

Rust Module

  • Fixed startup to accomodate changes from most recent update.
  • No longer tries to reconnect RCON during shutdown process.

File Manager Plugin

  • Fixed access issues on Linux (caused by bad security heuristic)
  • Fixed incorrect labeling on fast v.s. slow transfers

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Updated messages to clarify that the first time setup is a user action that the app is waiting for.
  • Made port specifications a notice rather than a warning, because it's not a problem.

Installer Script

  • Rebuilt - lots of extra checks, skips unnecessary steps, generally tidier and handles port-in-use scenarios better.