AMP is primarily a bugfix release with some general QoL improvements.


  • Implement move up/move down for settings that appear as lists, and made the lists taller.
  • Changes to module/plugin loading on Windows to tollerate being on Network drives.
  • Minor tweaks to admin prevention check, no longer excludes Docker instances from check.
  • Disabled autocomplete/spellcheck on console input field.

File Manager Plugin

  • Fixed not being able to create archives inside VDS directories.
  • Revert back to buffered copies for FM upload/download - some speed improvement on low-end systems.
  • Changed description to clarify that toggling fast mode for the file manager requires a restart of AMP.

Instance Manager CLI

  • Reconfigure/reconfiguremultiple now re-apply more settings from within the datastore to the instance.

Instance Manager GUI

  • Dark theme instead of light now.
  • Handles first-time setup more sanely. Behaves more like Quickstart in CLI when creating ADS instances.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank password could get submitted, causing the "bad hash" exception from BCrypt when AMP starts.


  • Workaround for server file accessibility issues. Fallback to user providing files if necessary.
  • Fixed notification for updates disappearing prematurely.
  • Clarified usage of user.cfg and touch the file if it doesn't already exist.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Allow a typed in value as an option for game world types.

Minecraft Module

  • Change defaults to be more sane in terms of world settings (structures, villagers, etc)
  • Changed description of 'Save world changes to disk' to clarify this isn't a backup.
  • User provided 'java' path is used for performing updates as well as for runtime.
  • More intelligent jar search when using [Autoselect] - finds the most recent jar file whose name is a good match for the selected server type.