This release focuses more on Quality-Of-Life and feature improvements. We're also starting to drop in features for the upcoming 1.9 release.

In addition to the changes to AMP itself, the script now has support for CentOS/Fedora, making AMP even easier to install on even more platforms.


  • 'Update on start' and 'start on instance start' settings can now be used together at the same time.
  • Added a diagnostics handler for missing files
  • Fixed related support URL/link not being show in failed tasks.
  • Clicking on a setting within the search results now takes you to that setting and highlights it.
  • Removed unnecessary 'completed' popup from certain tasks.
  • When the reverse proxy settings are provided, X-Forwarded-For is honoured.

ADS Module

  • Add 'View Logs' and 'Browse Datastore' to instance context menu.

Minecraft Module

  • Implement TPS tracking on supported server types.

FiveM Module

  • Checks for .git to determine if data is installed rather than just the top level directory.

Instance Manager GUI

  • Fixed some minor coloring issue.

Instance Manager CLI

  • No longer shows help for commands that don't apply to the current platform.
  • Added 'setupnginx' command which configures nginx as a reverse proxy for AMP and optionally enables SSL via LetsEncrypt. Requires root to run.