This release includes some of the preliminary 1.9 'Lapetus' work (notably, setting encryption), as well as the usual set of bug fixes and QoL improvements.


  • Added support for securely encrypted settings. This allows plugins/modules to store settings in such a way that they can't be read by the user, nor transferred between different machines. This is used for things like the default licence key in ADS and for passwords/licences for modules that require them.
  • Added 'Monitoring.ProduceStartupScripts' setting. Requires that 'Security.LogSensitiveProcArgs' is also enabled - produces .bat/.sh scripts equivalent to what AMP is running whenever it starts an external process. Useful for diagnosing application startup issues outside of AMP.
  • Fixed an issue where AMP would not produce the correct return code on failure conditions.
  • Fixed custom console styling handlers (such as table output in srcds) not being shown.

ADS Module

  • Port availability and other settings now apply immediately rather than requiring a restart of ADS.

ARK Module

  • Fixed RCON related issues that prevented the console from working. The console is a bit spammy for now as a consequence but this will be tidied up later. This also fixes clean shutdown.

FiveM Module

  • Fixed an issue with updating FiveM on Windows, caused by not re-checking file states after downloading.

Factorio Module

  • Fixed an issue where the module would crash if the configuration stage finished too quickly.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed an issue with the new TPS logger that caused its data to be spammed to console.
  • Added an option to disable TPS monitoring.
  • Added extra log sanitizer to remove garbage caused by color codes.
  • Fixed NukkitX not showing as 'started'
  • Removed unnecessary jarPath recalculations during startup.

Srcds Module

  • GSLT tokens are now stored encrypted.

Rust Module

  • Implement custom RCON password option since AMP cannot emulate WebRCON at this time for passthru mode.

Instance Manager Core

  • Fixed not creating base directory when spawning Shared Mode instances on Linux.

Instance Manager GUI

  • Fixed stalling when opening the context menu of a service instance. Workaround for bug in .Net Framework causing requeries every frame of a fade animation when the menu fades in.
  • Simplified instance creation. Much fewer settings, especially for ADS. Installer

  • Now returns a different error code for each failure condition.