This release brings AMP closer to its 1.9 support, with significantly improved HTTPS support on Linux via the new GetAMP setup, as well as fixes and improvements for many modules, including support for A18 for 7 Days to Die.


  • ActionResult expoes its BackgroundTask to avoid unnecessary task lookups.
  • Startup scripts generated for diagnostics.
  • Security - Refreshing the settings spec cache no longer de-obfuscates protected fields when sent to the client.
  • Main log shows release stream as well as build specification.
  • Startup speedup - Webserver doesn't attempt configuration until its started. Installer

  • Checks system locale on startup to ensure UTF8 compatibility.
  • Checks available ports before showing welcome screen to show the port that will be used.
  • Specifies a non-interactive frontend for apt, avoids unnecessary prompting.
  • Attempts to resolve an external DNS name automatically

Multiple Modules

  • Added additional scheduler metadata.
  • Updated older modules to use common AppServerBase.

Source Module

  • Clarified 'update available' triggers.
  • Fixed module not transitioning to 'failed' state when startup configuration is invalid.
  • Set default 4 player limit on L4D(2) servers.
  • Updated default map for more applications.
  • Picks a more sane default IP address during startup if none is specified.

Minecraft Module

  • Poll for TPS setting no longer requires MC server restart to disable.
  • Tweaked TPS regex to accomodate paper spigot.
  • Sleeping the server sets TPS metric to 0.
  • Update save commands for backups to handle Bedrock edition.
  • Now skips jar file check for server types that don't use them (Bedrock, etc)

7 Days to Die Module

  • Fixed bad metadata for world types selection source.
  • Updated startup flags to accomodate changes to A18

Factorio Module

  • Updated paths configuration to not use system storage path, now uses local paths instead.

Instance Manager

  • (GUI) Fixed stalling issue when context menus fade in for service instances (workaround for WPF bug)
  • (CLI) Implemented more of SetupNginx to use CertBot where available.
  • (CLI) ShowInstancePorts now has an optional flag to not show the port for AMP itself, only the application ports.