AMP 1.9 Lapetus

This is a major release including two major new pieces of functionality - Automated firewall management on Linux systems (iptables and ufw, but not firewalld) and shared instances, which use fewer resources (save 30MB+ storage per instance!) and are updated centrally and always up-to-date. Release Notes

  • Added 'status' as an alias for 'table' in ampinstmgr
  • Fixed a message pushing/notification issue over Websockets across remote sessions/instances
  • Specify 'LEGACY' TLS provider for 7d2d Release Notes


  • No longer uses as default IP binding, as this makes no sense on multimachine setups. (Now set by ADS setup when using standalone mode)


  • Generated debug startup scripts use full path for executable.
  • Added additional diagnostics handlers for more failures.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed issue with update manager caused by unavailable FTB data while their site is down.

Instance Manager

  • (CLI) Added a 'Instance not running' handler to nginx configuation.
  • (CLI) No longer refuses to re-generate nginx configurations.
  • (CLI) Added --silent flag.
  • (ADS) Layout fix in instance creation, add 'start on boot' flag to instance creation.
  • (Core) Normalized use of PostProvisionAction/PostCreateActions and updated APIs. Release Notes

This is a minor update containing a small number of tweaks and fixes from the base 1.9 release:

  • Longer proxy timeout for websockets when using nginx, handle retries better.
  • Update() always returns a RunningTask now for each module.
  • Fix behaviour of Update On Start/Start App On Start (relied on RunningTask from Updates)
  • Fixed a NRE in the Local IM on Windows, and in the srcds plugin when building startup flags.
  • Fixed crash in Windows GUI IM when trying to install a daemon if the executable has been removed.
  • Fixed version number in Windows GUI installer. Release Notes

GetAMP Installer

  • Uses AdoptOpenJDK on Debian 10
  • Accepts environment variables to provide settings to run non-interactively.
  • Can detect certain cloud providers and does a better job of autodetecting an externally resolvable host (via dnsutils)


  • Swapped references of ARM64 to aarch64
  • Added an IPv6 selection source for IP addresses (where supported)
  • Fixed behaviour of shared-mode instances on Linux.
  • CPU detection accounts for vendor where applicable.
  • Fix behaviour of using X-Forwarded-For header when using a reverse proxy.
  • Fixed console colouring issues (threading)

Instance Manager

  • (Core) Made provision discovery more fault tollerant on Windows.
  • (Core) Instance verificiation can now account for shared instances and specifies AMPSHAREDINSTALL during configuration.
  • (Core) More information is provided if instance creation/configuration fails.
  • (CLI) 'Status' is now an alias for 'Table'
  • (CLI) Added firewall sync facility (Linux only)
  • (CLI) Quickstart has a default username specified
  • (CLI) Quickstart now honours --shared

ADS Module

  • First time setup now includes a privacy section to control use of error reports (on by default) and analytics (off by default)
  • Added a search provider for instances
  • Added option to start/update new instances automatically once created
  • Fixed loading apps manifest when running in shared mode.

File Manager

  • Added ability for plugins/modules to register their own context menu handlers.
  • Double click a file to edit

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed startup issues related to Bedrock and other servers that don't use Jar files.
  • Added context menu handlers for .properties files (to import settings) and .jar files (to set as startup jar)
  • TPS check auto-disables on any server type that doesn't support it after 2 minutes.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Fixed issues with Telnet client
  • Removed redundant startup flags
  • Fixed startup process stalling if the server is killed
  • Supports new A18 (and associated setting changes)
  • Added more missing settings

Factorio Module

  • Overrides config path to not use system dirs, allows better handling of multiple servers on the same machine.

Source Module

  • Picks a more sane default IP address owing to not being usable.
  • Fixed module not transitioning to 'failed' state due to a bad IP or missing map.
  • Fixed wrong apps.json location when running as a shared instance.

Source RCON client

  • Fixed an NRE if the consuming module doesn't subscribe to certain events.
  • Fixed an NRE if the consuming module tries to disconnect an already disconnected session.