Version is a minor update to fix issues introduced in and to address some common bad behaviours that caused confusion.

  • Users are prevented from deleting ADS instances that are depended on by other instances or that are the one they're currently connected to.
  • Fixed error messages going missing in some cases due to conversions between RunningTask <-> ActionResult
  • Fixed saving in file manager internal editor
  • Fixed permissions handling for the FTP login permission for non-admin users.
  • Re-implement direct mode file uploads (for files up to 256MB)

AMP introduces a new, embedded FTP server for faster file transfers. Enable it and log in with your normal AMP login details. For now 2FA isn't supported with FTP (login is refused) - this will be updated soon.


  • Scheduler UI is now data-bound in preparation for new UI changes.
  • Fixed startup script generation if no working directory is specified.
  • Running tasks are now associated with the user that created them.
  • Fixed activation issues when AMP is bound to an IPv6 endpoint.

File Manager Plugin

Application Modules

  • (Minecraft) Updated version source for FTB.
  • (Generic) Largely implemented. Just needs update functionality to be implemented.
  • (Factorio) Added nonblockingsaving setting and update regexes to match recent updates.
  • (7d2d/Rust) Specify empty MONOTLSPROVIDER variable

ADS Module

  • Implement instance overlays to automatically add additional content to new instance. This feature is highly likely to be withdrawn from general use and made only available to Network/Enterprise editions
  • Allows 'similar' related versions with no API changes to be managed without upgrading.