AMP is a minor hotfix to fix a new scheduler bug that prevented multiple (new) triggers from being added.

This update focuses on features needed in ADS ready for Enterprise and other bulk-usage (you don't want people seeing instances/targets they shouldn't!) as well as a handful of module-specific bug fixes.


  • Check for new AMP versions in a more sane, fault tollerant way.
  • Scheduler now logs when tasks are being executed.

ADS Module

  • Only shows instances that you have permission to manage in the instances list.
  • Only show empty targets if the user has permission to create instances.
  • Implemented permissions to start/stop/restart all instances regardless of instance specific permissions.

File Manager

  • Fixed FTP(S) logins failing when using a remote auth server as the authentication provider.

Application Modules

  • [Minecraft] Update urls for FTB modpacks and manifests.
  • [Minecraft] Accomodate comma in 'Done' messages, fixes startup issues in some locales.
  • [ARK] Fixed a crash during ARK shutdown if RCON is disconnected prematurely.
  • [Factorio] Startup failures no longer cause an exception.
  • [FiveM] Updater no longer falls over if it can't update its own resources.
  • [Rust] Writes to log if UMod can't be unpacked.
  • [SourceRCONPlugin] Disconnect() automatically disables autoreconnect.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Don't try and use loopback interface for licence summary checks during reactivation.
  • StartInstance no longer fails if the local hostname can't be resolved due to a bad network setup.