• Search box in the top right can now search documentation.
  • Prevent super admin user from being removed from super admins role.
  • Fixed permission handling for instance-specific roles/users permissions.
  • Fixed behaviour of TestMode if the target module has a hard dependency on a plugin.
  • SafeMode will load hard-dependency plugins, only skipping optional ones.

Service Handler (Windows)

  • Service halts if AMP process stops.


  • [FirewallManager] Added Windows Advanced Firewall frontend. (Not currently used)
  • [EmailSender] Now exposes an IEmailSender feature for use by other plugins.

Application Modules

  • [Minecraft] Selecting a specific version automatically changes the release stream to "Specific Version".
  • [Minecraft] Implement Enterprise Vendor custom sleep.
  • [Factorio] [7DaysToDie] Added 'Unexpected stop' schedule events.