is a minor release, again mostly with QoL improvements while work on the new templating system for ADS continues.


  • Windows apps that require use of the console assistant now have additional garbage filtering. Addresses some issues on Server 2019.
  • Responsive enhancements across the board.
  • Upgrades to SQLite data provider to handle relational data.
  • Workaround for Chrome trying to reat the search box as a username field.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [File Manager] Added view switcher for the file listing to choose from standard list, compact list and grid view.
  • [Minecraft] Server version info uses sleep data rather than console output.
  • [ADS] Responsive/mobile layout tweaks. Change wording for privacy settings in first time setup.
  • [7d2d] Handles the situation where the download for UMod is corrupted.
  • [ADS] WIP templates. is a QoL release with a few minor bug fixes that may not be relevant to all users. This is a very optional update.


  • [Windows] AMP now registers all AMPProcess objects to a Job with the OS. Now when AMP is terminated/killed all of the child processes will also die. Fixes a lot of "port in use" scenarios that requires processes to be manually killed or the system restarted.

GetAMP Installer

  • Added SKIP_INSTALL=y environment variable option, skips AMPs instance creation and just installs the components.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [ADS] Fixed some event bubbling issues on Mobile
  • [ADS] Controller automatically updates AuthServerURL of its targets when connecting to them.
  • [LIM] Uses ReadLink to resolve symbolic links rather than API call.
  • [LIM] Tweaks to Docker startup flags, update to match newer images.
  • [Minecraft] Lots of sleep mode improvements. Shows correct MOTD and Version.
  • [Minecraft] Now supplies a default server-icon.png if none exists.
  • [Rust] Add support for staging/prerelease streams is a hotfix to address a regression in AMPs scheduler that caused schedule data to not be loaded correctly. It also has a lot of mobile related tweaks to how menus and popups are handled. brings in support for new applications, some much needed UI improvements, and massively extends the functionality of the Generic module to the point that it becomes usable.

As always, you may need to empty your browser cache by pressing CTRL+F5 (Shift+F5 in some browsers) when you visit the interface.

How do I update?

See the installation guide for your platform and scroll down to the bottom.

AMP Core

  • Implemented audit log viewer. Simple for now but functional, will see further improvements.
  • Use CSS Grids in multiple locations, results in much more consistent and responsive sizes across the board.
  • Added automatic log rotation. Defaults to 28 days.
  • Colour and style changes across the board (please give feedback on these!)
  • View model bindings are no longer required.

Generic Module

  • Module is fully implemented for most use cases, can download apps from SteamCMD or from a URL+unzip, start, stop, manage, and track user join/leave with appropriate configuration.
  • Added 'Random Password' option.
  • Added facility for a different working directory from the binary directory (if needed)
  • Added options for separate windows/linux executables so the same configuration can serve both platforms
  • See the documentation for information on how to configure it.

GetAMP installer

  • Added check for noexec in tempfs (AMP requires this to be disabled)

App Modules

  • [ADS] Added a 'Edit Ports' button to the side menu.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed a bad conversion when changing the specific version setting.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed a crash if access was denied producing a jar file list.
  • [StarBound] No longer shows 'failed' message when an update is required.
  • [FiveM] Extended to include support for RedM
  • [FiveM] Automatically fixes certain kinds of corruption of the server data obtained via git
  • [FiveM] Added enterprise restriction (FiveM TOS prohibit commercial use, so AMP will not provision it on Enterprise licences)