AMP is a low priority update mostly featuring changes to ADS and the instance manager core. Most notable is the new "Manage in new tab" functionality which also provides a nicer URL for accessing specific instances without having to bind instances away from localhost, as well as some docker related fixes.


  • Certificate data is logged to debug when using a serial number to reference the cert. (previously only shown for file certs)
  • Don't use ResolvePath on Windows, only applies to Linux.
  • Made API init fully async.
  • Rebuild sessions list to be data bound.
  • Updated documentation list.

ADS Module

  • Added "Manage in new tab" option in instances context menu.
  • Added a "Manage" link for remote targets (since ADS instances no longer show in the instances list).
  • Fixed a bug where Docker instances would show an error when you try and start them even though they start just fine.
  • Suspended instances can no longer be started/managed.

Instance Manager Core

  • Added metadata for aarch64.
  • Log when provisioning metadata resolution fails.
  • Provisioning metadata can now be obtained for plugins as well as modules.

Other Changes

  • [ARMA3] Exposed RCON connection delay setting to UI.
  • [GetAMP] Fixed a minor syntax error. Didn't actually cause any issues but it's correct now.
  • [RCONPlugin] Changed async/threading behaviour, should result in less stalling with cross-thread operations. is a minor update to fix some high priority fixes that weren't ready and tested in time for the previous release. Namely this includes fixing symlink resolution on Linux.

  • [AMPCore] Scheduled tasks are now owned by whoever created them, and can only be deleted/edited by their owner (unless the user is SuperAdmin).
  • [AMPCore] Added a diagnostics handler for situations caused by failed updates.
  • [AMPCore] Changed symlink resolution method, now either individual instances or the entire datastore can be relocated and symlinked without issue.
  • [ADS] No longer shows its own instance (self) in instance listings.
  • [ADS] No longer tries to perform provisioning tests on remote targets unless running in Commercial mode.
  • [ADS] Remove 'experimental' flag from the Shared mode setting.
  • [LIM] No longer requires a duplicate copy of all the module libraries. Uses shared data instead.

What's New? is a relatively large update. Due to the changes made, ADS is not backward/forward compatible with different instance versions - so all your instances will need updating.

Notable in this release are the changes to make AMP into a progressive web app (especially beneficial for Mobile users), and an early version of the templating system for commercial users.

How do I update?

See the installation guide for your platform and scroll down to the bottom.


  • "AllowInsecureMatching" is now called "RequireSessionIPStickiness" - this setting is now visible under the Security category in settings.
  • Side menu no longer retracts when selecting an item on Desktop, only does this on Mobile now.
  • Authenticating against a single instance only returns permissions relevant to that instance rather than the users entire calculated permission set.
  • Allow plugins/modules to know what licence features are available.
  • Web interface is now a progressive web app, provides "Install AMP" on desktop/mobile when served over HTTPS.
  • Fixed available memory detection on Linux systems.
  • Added "RequireActivation" to allow activation of instance types that don't always require it (such as ADS)

ADS Module

  • Tweaked wording for privacy settings.
  • Fixed "Return to Instances" spanning multiple lines on high-dpi displays
  • Implemented provision fitness for deployment targets on commercial usage editions.
  • No longer stalls during first-time setup for targets/hybrid if invalid details are supplied.
  • Early version of instance 'Templates' - more work still required, only on commercial versions.

File Manager

  • Fixed styling for search (CTRL+F) buttons.
  • Implement rename/move via FTP.
  • Fixed styles for selected items in FM.

7 Days to Die module

  • Fix handling for damaged zips during update process.
  • Added setting for Disabled network protocols.
  • Changed port base range to +5

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [AIM] Update docker flags to not use /both as a protocol (which is no-longer supported), uses separate -p lines for TCP and UDP for apps that require both.
  • [ARMA] Add a 'RCON Connection delay' setting to try and work around bug in the games BERCON.
  • [Generic] Add 'UpdateSourceVersion' setting which allows for use of the Beta flag in SteamCMD.
  • [Minecraft] Basic (untested) VelocityProxy support.
  • [RCON] Setting for EnableRCONPassthru is now exposed to web interface.
  • [SteamCMD] Output from SteamCMD is now shown in Console tab.