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AMP 'Lapetus' Release Notes

  • Last Post 08 April 2020
Mike posted this 24 March 2020

About 'Laptus' Enterprise RC

1986 continues RC work as testing continues. This release is backwards/forwards compatible back to 1982.

Embrace the blue.

AMP Core

  • Status page now correctly populated before login process completes.
  • Cleaned up AMP shutdown procedure to be more reliable.
  • Cleaned up AMPService shutdown to not require use of Environment.Exit.
  • Visual design changes, embrace the blue.
  • Login tokens are removed from local storage if they fail.
  • Shows a more helpful error message if authentication fails due to bad auth server settings.
  • Double-tap on AMP logo is now force refresh for mobile devices or situations where a cache clear is annoying.

AIM Core

  • Fixed behaviour of soft-stops on Linux. Correctly waits 10 seconds before forcing an instance to shut down.
  • Added option to log download progress to console.
  • Updated default nginx config to support new 'installation in progress' page.

ADS Module

  • Additional logging for instance stop states
  • Fixed target fitness check returning memory free in GB rather than MB.
  • Further progress on Template deployment. Almost working.

Module Changes

  • [Minecraft] Tweaked regex for 'server can't keep up' to accomodate additional formats.
  • [ARK] Added additional workarounds for buggy ARK rcon implementation. Each message must be waited for...
  • [ARMA3] Updated config filename for 64 bit systems (64 -> x64)
  • [All] Fixed 'unexpected stop' behaviour and add logging. Release

1984 is a minor set of updates and fixes on top of the 1982. RC testing for Enterprise continues. This release is backwards/forwards compatible with 1982 as it has no major API changes.


  • Added extra diagnostics handlers for more network-related terminations.
  • Service handler runs in-process now. Service installer makes sure AMP services don't use shared processes.
  • Reduced usage of Environment.Exit, should result in fewer stalls.


  • Fix group refreshes on local instances (sans controller)
  • Check for existance of a remote IM when managing instances.
  • DeployTemplate gives a better error if its unavailable but invoked anyway.
  • Job registration is now skipped for started instances on Windows. Prevents instances from shutting down when ADS is stopped.
  • Implement deployment template callbacks to provide information on where the template was deployed to.
  • Added support for host-mode networking in Docker (enabled by default)
  • Added support for Traefik in Docker mode (in new Network category)

Instance Manager CLI

  • Fixed a null-reference exception if 'tar' dependency is missing. (Updated GetAMP to ensure it's present too)

Module/Plugin changes

  • [ARK] Increased default RCON connection delay to 30s and made configurable.
  • [Rust] Made the map selection an editable combo box.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed TPS monitoring with Paper.
  • [ARMA3] Fixed missing setting metadata.
  • [All Modules] Unexpected application stops log the error code.
  • [File Manager] Fixed memory leak when uploading (at least on Chrome, possibly still exists on Firefox)

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Mike posted this 08 April 2020 Release

1982 is a significant update with a large number of changes. There's no backwards/forwards compatibility with 1.9.6.x and earlier as a result.

This release is intended as a release-candidate for AMP Enterprise Edition. Patreon licence holders temporarily have the full feature set unlocked (but still may not use AMP commercially) for testing purposes.

ADS and the File Manager in particular have received a large amount of work to fix issues and improve their usability.

How do I update?

See the installation guide for your platform and scroll down to the bottom.

You may need to perform a force-refresh (CTRL+F5) in your browser after updating AMP.

Release Notes


  • Update to newer licence handling library. Provides fault tollerance for failures to FindServicePoint.
  • Implemented API calls over websocket.
  • Layout and usability improvements to scheduler UI.
  • Added a more prevelent warning when sensitive information is being logged warning the user not to share it.
  • Writes version to AMPVersion on startup in case AIM/ADS gets it wrong.
  • Storing IPs based on MAC address has a new fallback for situations where the MAC address no longer exists.


  • Fixed caption when managing a remote target.
  • Fixed creating an instance on remote targets always showing an error even if it succeeds.
  • Fixed 'start on create' and other flags not behaving correctly when creating instances on a remote target.
  • Fixed 'edit' and 'manage' being shown on targets that the user didn't have permisson for (visual issue only)
  • Fixed 'edit ports' not working on instances belonging to remote targets.
  • Implemented 'create template role'
  • Refresh button now works on 'offline' targets to try and immediately re-establish connection.
  • Uses instance IDs instead of names in more places because there's no uniqueness requirement between targets.
  • Now applies X-Forwarded-For along with AMP specific headers when connecting to remote instances.

Generic Module

  • Added support for WebRCON as an RCON method.
  • Added scheduler metadata for start/stop/update.
  • Added provisioning metadata for ports.
  • Added support for compatibility flags for use with misbehaving applications.
  • Fixed some incorrect setting names.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [Rust/Srcds] Hide (but not remove) Custom RCON password settings now that RCON passthru is documented.
  • [Minecraft] Uses "minecraft:tps" on PaperSpigot for TPS monitor.
  • [Factorio] Fixed updating causing instance to die if there was no internet connection.
  • [RCON] Added AMPRCon support based on AMPs websocket protocol.

File Manager

  • Now uses WebSockets for file uploads when available.
  • Permissions from file manager (upload/rename/delete/etc) now apply to FTP.
  • Allow maximum number of clients to be specified.
  • Changed default FTP port number to 2121, default client limit to 16, reserves base port + client limit port nubmers.
  • Warn user if FTP TLS is enabled but no certificate is available/specified.
  • Added a 'calculate MD5 sum' option. Produces same output as 'md5sum' on Linux/WSL.
  • Fixed upload notification not being removed when direct mode uploads finish.


  • Allow use of docker+shared mode at the same time. Not fully tested.
  • Only check remote file timestamps when it's actually needed.
  • Accepts IPv6 bindings for new instances.
  • [CLI] Implemented 'switchall' command to change the release stream of every instance.
  • [CLI] Added 'fixperms' as an alias for 'fixpermissions'


  • Improved aarch64 support. Don't ask for libs for srcds on non-x86-64.
  • Now displays target platform.
  • Refactored firewall handling.
  • Recommends using 'sudo -i' if useradd isn't available.


  • Now available in primary repos for Linux! apt/yum install picorcon
  • Implemented AMPRCon support.