AMP introduces a (work in progress) Terraria module, as well as a large number of bug/QoL fixes.


  • Usernames can be re-used across different instances. However users made in ADS are considered globally taken. Additionally you cannot create a user in ADS if a single instance has a user with that name, but two different instances can have users with the same name.
  • Sessions list only shows your own sessions unless the "View other users sessions" permission is given.
  • Mobile UI layout enhancements.
  • Scheduled tasks now preserve their order and are executed in the order shown.
  • HTTPS setup on Windows can now auto-detect a certificate from a given domain name.
  • Fixed login token generation when using a remote auth server.
  • Fixed behaviour of branding logic for twitter feeds.
  • Branding restrictions are now enforced according to the current licence.
  • Metrics data now served over websockets where possible!
  • Fixed interation on Mac OS+Chrome when using a Retina display (disables swipe gestures for now)

Instance Manager (LIM)

  • [Core] CommonCore plugin is now loaded by default (new instances only)
  • [Core] Fixed provisioning flags calculation for plugins that have no settings (e.g. CommonCore)
  • [CLI] Added 'ConvertLetsEncrypt' command.


  • Explicitly include python-certbot-nginx for cases where the user has certbot installed already but not the nginx plugin.
  • Include some extra dependencies that are normally included by default but are removed from certain over-stripped cloud images.
  • Non-iptables firewalls are preferred over iptables when available.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [Rust] Updated setting tags and default values in a few places.
  • [Rust] Updated console matching expressions and added 'Update Server' metadata.
  • [File Manager] Fixed directory renames/moves in FTP.
  • [ADS] Fixed attatching targets to ADS when connecting over IPv6.
  • [Terraria] WIP module with some basic functionality.
  • [ARK] Added settings for CrossPlay, Epic version and Vivox.
  • [Minecraft] Updated URLs to fetch updates from, update useragents for fetching Spigot data.