is mostly a bugfix release, focusing on FTP issues and some permissions handling bugs for controller/target setups.


  • Better restart/upgrade state handling in UI. Much more friendly now.
  • Recovery mode retries every 15 seconds rather than every 60.
  • Scheduler now shows a list of available variables when creating tasks, clicking on them inserts into the current field at the cursor position.
  • Permission errors for 'GetUpdates' are now shown from the log. They come up a lot but don't usually mean anything.
  • Log tidyups. Added a new 'developer' loglevel with a value of -10 to show stuff that really isn't useful to an end user.
  • Fixed a bug in the internal auth provider where negative permission exceptions were not being properly given to remote AMP instances when performing server logins.


  • Windows installer now includes plugin metadata as well as modules.
  • Windows installer should handle upgrades correctly now rather than leaving multiple versions in Add/Remove programs.
  • GetAMP on Linux warns if on Ubuntu 16.04 (but will still continue, for now)

Instance Manager

  • [Core] WaitForExit now works with Windows Services.
  • [CLI] Would you kindly...
  • [CLI] Now shows default values when input prompts use a custom prompt text.
  • [CLI] QuickStart on Windows now creates ADS as a service.
  • [CLI] Now shows the command to run to stop ADS if it's required to perform some task.
  • [CLI] SetupNginx will now terminate if an existing config file for the given domain exists. Added an extra flag to override this behaviour.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [Rust] Add 'aux01' release branch.
  • [File Manager] Fixed FTP not working when logging into a remote auth server. Also uses full session tracking now.