Release Notes

This release focuses mostly around ADS and improvements to the templating and deployment system for use in Enterprise, as well as 2FA support for SFTP. Game modules have received a small number of minor tweaks.

ADS Module

  • Added a 'development mode' setting to not require a HTTPS endpoint. This setting auto-disables every time AMP is restarted.
  • Instance specific users are cleaned up when an instance is deleted.
  • Fixed a potential null reference condition when performing auth changes via LIM.
  • Added 'ApplyTemplate' API call to reconfigure existing instances (upgrades/downgrades).
  • Added 'RestartIfPreviouslyRunning' option to ApplyTemplate.
  • Include a endpoint and endpoint URI in callbacks.
  • Remote instance lists get fully refreshed when deploying instances from templates.
  • Use the friendly name as the basis for the actual instance name where possible, removing characters as needed.
  • "Edit Port Bindings" shows data for all plugins that apply to that instance, not just the primary module.

File Manager

  • Moved default SFTP port from 2222 to 2223.
  • Implemented 2FA for SFTP. 2FA code is simply appended to the password.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [SteamCMD] Fixed manifest data for CS:CZero.
  • [FiveM] Update SDK for integration plugin, remove use of deprecated APIs.
  • [Minecraft] Account for Windows and Linux having different bedrock server versions when generating download URI.
  • [AIM] Better fault tollerances for situations where a backup of the old instances.json file couldn't be made.
  • [Generic] Fixed an issue where a misconfiguration could cause the module to crash on shutdown.
  • [Srcds] Added the -authkey setting and exposed it to the UI.
  • [SpaceEngineers] Minor typo fix.
  • [Core] AMP will force a refresh if the version number changes between page loads. Release Notes

This release focuses largely on AMPs templating system, role templates and template provisioning mechanism for ADS. Due to API changes this release is incompatible with the previous version and both ADS and the instances will need upgrading.


  • Updated documentation arguments list.
  • Fixed plugin push messages disappearing when not connected via websockets.
  • Removed 'Patreon Supporter' from licence types that have commercial features. Allows use of FiveM module again in Patreon licences.
  • Fixed permissions handling for template roles across different instances.
  • Minor style tweaks.

ADS Module

  • Don't try and post to callbacks that aren't valid URIs.
  • Better logging for DeployTemplate.
  • Allow instance fitness function to be a fraction rather than whole numbers.
  • Include a reason for template deployment failures when running through target lists.
  • DeployTemplate assigns users to their newly created instance when the user is instance specific.
  • DeployTemplate takes an extr argument to control what happens to the new instance (whether its started, updated, etc)
  • Added 'Deploy Template' button to templates screen.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [File Manager] Added extra logging for SFTP.
  • [File Manager] Removed old debug code that made SFTP server always run.
  • [7d2d] Updated settings for latest release.
  • [Instance Manager] Tollerate an empty plugins list for older instances.


  • API Browser now shows whether arguments are required or optional