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AMP 'Europa' Release Notes

  • Last Post 03 September 2020
Mike posted this 18 August 2020

AMP Release Notes

This is a bugfix release that mostly affects Linux users (in particular those using FirewallD) - if this doesn't include you then this update is very much optional.

  • Fixed FirewallD handling for AMPs firewall service. Can now properly sync firewalls on FirewallD (CentOS etc)
  • Fixed a minor firewall sync bug that caused rules to be removed and re-added repeatedly for ports that had the protocol listed as both TCP and UDP.
  • Added DumpFirewall and DumpPorts commands to ampinstmgr to aid with firewall diagnostics. These commands show the current known firewall rules and the desired firewall rules for the current instances respectively.
  • Added some extra input filtering for FTB servers.
  • Changed the default seed provided by AMP for Minecraft servers.
  • Suppress licence keys from logging and startup script generation (in fact anything that looks like a GUID since they're sensitive usually)
  • Added a new option to ADS to control the default 'post create instance' behaviour.
  • Added a 'connect via SFTP' button to the file manager where available.
  • Changed -ip to +ip in srcds module for older goldsrc games (CS 1.6 etc)

AMP Release Notes

This is a bugfix release with no API changes. Primary fix is an issue with AMPs notification system that among other issues prevented the SteamCMD login prompt from showing. This has now been resolved.

  • Srcds instance uses 'common' restart logic. Should recover from crashes better.
  • Fixed instances not showing up if they have no reported endpoints.
  • 7 days config generation now uses XML document builder so that fields have their values escaped properly.
  • Update message mappings for Terraria, doesn't like stdin on Windows though.
  • Fixed behaviour of unencrypted AMPRcon (tried to default to https/wss each time), AMPRcon now sends outgoing messages over websockets rather than the API.
  • AMPRCon now supports 'user@host' syntax for connections.
  • Temporary fix for sleep mode (only use the default favicon)
  • Disable console tweaks for Rust (no startup log on Windows now however)
  • Fixed network failure recovery in UI
  • Auth failure logs now show source IP via X-Forwarded-For same as Audit log does.
  • Fixed UI not processing message pushes if websockets aren't available.
  • SFTP is now enabled by default.

AMP 2.0.6 Release Notes

This is a bugfix release, however due to some important API changes this release is not compatible with the previous despite the short period of time that has passed. This release again focuses on controller/target setups and Enterprise features.

  • Fixed a potential NRE in the FirewallD manager.
  • Added missing components to Windows installer.
  • Fixed faulty mappings for InstanceSummary <-> RemoteInstance that was causing endpoint data to be pulled over the wire.
  • Fixed invocation of Async APIs from JS when using optional paramters.
  • ADS now preserves explicitly specified instance IDs (API change!)
  • Fixed an issue where the websocket client used for notification sync would close the stream incorrectly if it recieved corrupted data.
  • Template manager in ADS will keep trying to get information for new instances created from templates.
  • Fixed missing implementation for DeleteInstanceUsers on remote auth server.
  • Expose missing 'Game Mode' setting for Space Engineers to the UI.
  • Allow the 'bad network' condition to be 'recovered' as network conditions improve.
  • Fixed an issue that would trigger the 'bad network' condition on login if too many items were in the notification queue. This is now ignored if websockets are enabled.
  • The cache version check is now ignored when managing remote instances.
  • Fixed some mobile UI issues (Notably Edit Ports in ADS but a few others too)
  • Ignore ApplicationEndpoints from exported JSON data for local instance store. Fixes some serialization issues.

Mike posted this 03 September 2020

<->AMP 2.0.5 Release Notes

Like previous, this release mostly focuses on ADS and Enterprise-level functionality with only minor changes for game modules.

Notable fixes include AMPs behaviour with Docker - which now works well from configuration through to runtime, and some IPv6 related fixes for the licencing system.

AMP Core

  • X-Forwarded-For header properly taken into account in sessions provider as well as auth provider, now shows actual end user addresses reliably.
  • Session IP stickiness now takes X-Forwarded-For into account to allow for multi-path proxies (Cloudflare etc)
  • Implemented hidden/non-saved tasks in scheduler.
  • AMP no longer shows settings that don't apply to the current licence type (E.g. Branding no longer shows for Pro users)
  • Added extra logging to help users diagnose remote authentication issues.
  • Added an extra field to Branding for a "Submit Ticket URL" (Enterprise Only).
  • Fixed an issue with the licencing system that would cause AMP to not to be able to activate over IPv6 on Windows if an instance was bound to an IPv4 endpoint.

ADS Module

  • Fixed an issue where templates couldn't be deployed to remote targets.
  • Added a new 'StartOnBoot' flag for templates.
  • Added a new option to make ADS match the version of newly created instances with iteslf (Enterprise Only)
  • Added multiple endpoints for instances that have more than one (E.g. game server plus SFTP server), exposed to billing platforms.
  • Added extra logging for template deployment callbacks.
  • Updated 'Modify' callbacks to include endpoints in case they have changed.
  • Added an extra option to present an alternate endpoint IP for Docker instances. Docker containers need to use internally but AMP can report them as an actual IP for external queries (billing integrations etc)
  • Removed CubeWorld from the supported application list. (RIP)
  • Auto-generated users are automatically removed if an instance configure fails from a template deployment.
  • Instances deployed from templates also honour global 'New Instance Defaults' for settings.

Instance Manager

  • [Core] Updated configuration logic for Docker, returns more information in the event that a failure prevents Docker from being startable.
  • [Core] Endpoint generation tollerates modules that don't accept IP bindings
  • [Core] Extra escaping for command line flags fed to docker, fixes configuration issues during first-time startup.
  • [Core] Addressed a null-reference exception when calculating an instances provisioning flags if it doesn't have full provisioning data (manually created instances, etc)
  • [CLI] Updated default Nginx config to prevent clients specifying their own X-Forwarded-For header, this will be ignored if sent.

Plugin/Module Changes

  • [File Manager] Added extra audit logging for SFTP activity (connecting, file operations, etc)
  • [ARMA3] Added separate settings for -servermod and -mod, these are also actual lists now rather than text fields.
  • [All] Added/Updated endpoint metadata for use with ADS Enterprise Templates
  • [FiveM] Added setting for OneSync
  • [Firewall Manager] Addressed an issue with the FirewallD manager that prevented it from syncing.