Recently updated from to Ever since then many of the server settings at the bottom of the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file are being ignored. Namely, GroupID, ServerName, PauseGameWhenEmpty, etc.

We noticed this because the server name was blank when joining, the server was continuing when nobody was on it, and we were starting to get rando's joining our server again (when we really wanted to keep it private by Steam group).

After denying Network Service write access to the file and manually editing it to match a fresh one generated by SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe, I was able to find all of the differences between a cfg file generated by AMP and an official cfg file. I kept correcting the AMP-generated one and relaunching the server after each change to troubleshoot. There's a few extra items added by AMP that do nothing and should be removed, and the order of the settings in the file is all screwed up. I also noticed that the encoding="utf-8" part at the top is added by AMP, and I'm surprised that didn't mess up the whole file (but it doesn't). Anyway, in my test file, I fixed all that, but it was still broken and ignoring the settings. So I kept digging.

Then I noticed it: 4 of the settings were getting truncated to some form of significant figures:


So, I checked out SpaceEngineersModule.kvp, and sure enough, the same stuff was there.

SessionSettings.ProceduralSeed=1.041587E+09 SessionSettings.StationsDistanceInnerRadius=1E+07 SessionSettings.StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart=1E+07 SessionSettings.StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd=3E+07

So, I changed these 4 settings on the web admin site to zeros (my world is already generated and the game uses the settings for these there), and it stopped rounding to sig figs and just kept them as zeros in the SpaceEngineersModule.kvp file, so I put my file permissions back to normal. It re-wrote the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg like normal, keeping the zeros.

The server started properly and everything was working properly.

So, in summary: Something is screwy with large integers being put into the webpage. Noteworthy that the GroupID field was not truncated to sig figs like the others, so it's clearly not a limitation of my server hardware or OS. Something within AMP is truncating only some of the settings for Space Engineers, and it appears to have started with this latest patch.

P.S., while I have your attention.... is there any way that the "PauseGameWhenEmpty" setting could be added to the webpage? I was able to hack it into SpaceEngineersModule.kvp and it translates over to the cfg file, but I'm sure that's not supported. Also, there's another setting that needs to be added: "RemoteApiEnabled". Without it, the built-in remote API is trying to start and listen on port 8080, but it fails and generates an error in the console. These two settings aren't critical for most people, but figured I'd ask. :)

Thank you!