Release 2068 is predominantly a bugfix and QoL release. Notable in this update is the ability to edit schedule triggers for timed events and a rebuilt interface for the plugin browser in the Minecraft module.

AMP Core

  • Implemented additional login screen branding.
  • Implemented editing (overwriting) time interval triggers.
  • Added option to report physical memory usage only as the application memory usage total (ignoring swap usage)
  • Numerous style/layout issues handling modal dialogs (padding on 2FA prompt for example)
  • Changed the login screen logo to be the 'full' version rather than just the symbol.
  • Shared role 'global' permissionss (* prefix) now apply to non-server logins, affecting ADS too.
  • Fixed 'Remember Me' token being erased if you manage a remote instance.
  • Improved error logging for API call failures in browser.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [ARK] Command line flags now explicitly specify -NoBattlEye if battleye is turned off.
  • [AIM] Removed old 'ModuleOnly' upgrade paths.
  • [SRCDS] Lots of changes to HLDS handling (CS 1.6, etc)
  • [7d2d] Updated network usage metadata
  • [ADS] Renamed 'BungeeCord' to 'Minecraft BungeeCord Proxy' in app listings.
  • [Minecraft] Renamed 'Spigot Plugins' to just 'Plugins' since it covers Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, etc.
  • [Minecraft] Rebuilt 'Plugins' UI - matches standard AMP design language and methodology.
  • [File Manager] 'Connect via SFTP' button now takes you to the specific directory when you click it, and is now a link so the address can be copy/pasted.

Release 2066 is a minor release that won't affect most users, the main reason for the release is to accommodate additional branding changes for Enterprise users and address a couple of community requested issues. Paper support didn't make it into this release, but it will be coming soon.


  • Full branding information is now shown on the Support tab.
  • Moved the AMP 'theme' setting so that it can be used again by everyone.
  • Added additional branding settings to alter the main background image.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [SRCDS] Fixed startup and UDP Logging handling for legacy HLDS titles (CS 1.6, etc), no RCON though for now.
  • [Space Engineers] Added missing settings, they should be all there now.
  • [ADS] Licence key has any excess spaces trimmed from the start/end in case of a bad copy/paste.
  • [ADS] If a licence key is invalid, AMP gives a more helpful message explaining the problem.
  • [Minecraft] Added additional cleanups to handle output from newer ForgeMod releases.