AMP Release Notes

This is a minor bugfix release, most importantly it fixes the underlying issue causing Steam login prompts not to show.

  • [Core] Fixed metrics graphs where the metric name contains non-breaking spaces.
  • [Core] Fixed bad component registration order causing messages sent to PMP to be lost if the client has no websocket connection (Symptoms included Steam login prompt not showing when managing via ADS)
  • [Core] Don't try and run Metrics Pusher schedule task if MEP was never started.
  • [Backups] More information is shown to the user when AMP refuses to take a backup.
  • [Minecraft] Update regex handlers to support some really old server types.
  • [ADS] Tries to guess images for existing servers.
  • [FiveM] Add Steam API key setting.
  • [GetAMP] Better Ubuntu support when handling Docker installation.

AMP 2.0.8 Release Notes

AMP 2.0.8 is in some ways a small release, but there's quite a lot of visual differences this update. Due to some API changes it's unfortunately not inter-compatible with 207. This release also addresses some UI issues with the scheduler.

  • [ADS] New instances now show extra artwork reflecting the game they are for. (Existing instances will show a 'Generic' image for now, it may be possible to address this later on)
  • [ADS] New layout for instance listings.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed an out-of-place Jar check that was stopping Bedrock servers from starting.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed plugin searching
  • [FiveM] Updated command line flags.
  • [Core] Allow Branding in Patreon edition.
  • [Core] Scheduler now shows the existing schedule data when editing a trigger.
  • [Core/ADS] WIP central metrics tracking. AMP is starting to gather data but it won't present it just yet. This is only available to brand new installations due to the requirement that AMP provisions extra ports. It also requires Network Edition or higher for now.

AMP 2.0.7 Release Notes

This release is mostly a bugfix and QoL update with a focus on Mobile support. Notable improvements are significantly sped up logins and some stability issues with a handful of game modules.

Due to some API changes in ADS, this release is not backwards-compatible with the previous.

AMP Core

  • Addressed an issue with editing time-interval triggers (it doesn't yet show you the old data, but your changes are properly saved)
  • Re-ordered login process to make it much faster.
  • Removed progress bar from login screen.
  • Lots of mobile and responsive tweaks/improvements. Bottom of the main body moves up in line with notifications to make sure all functionality is accessible (allowing page scroll if needed)
  • Brought back swipe left/right to hide/show the main menu.
  • 'Create support ticket' button is now hidden if the URL is empty
  • Added additional Enterprise Branding options.
  • Improved support for Chromes autofill.


  • Switched from OpenJ9 to Hotspot for java (Not all server types support it)
  • Uses nameserver to do external checks, ignores local nameserver.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [ADS] Better message handling for instance startup/create issues.
  • [ADS] Fixed an issue where the task manager would try to re-open a stream to another taraget even if one was already open.
  • [AIM] Use ActionResult in more places to return proper error information when tasks fail (API change!)
  • [File Manager] Updated Ace editor to its latest version. You can scroll properly on mobile now when editing files!
  • [Generic, Rust, Minecraft, 7D2D] Fixed an NRE during startup/shutdown in some situations.
  • [SRCDS] No longer fails if AutoCopyDemoFiles is turned on but the server isn't installed yet.