is a bugfix update for a couple of high-priority issues.

  • Expanded Java version matcher regex to accommodate more variations.
  • Fix resolution failure during startup if there are failures parsing /proc/meminfo on Linux.
  • Fix a startup issue with srcds if the user tries to specify custom args that AMP itself has built in (AMPs own will override)
  • UDP log server won't fail if it receives packets with an invalid length. Instead discards the packet.
  • Addressed suspect NREs in SourceRCON and MinecraftModule.
  • Fixed browser stalling when performing deferred loads of long setting lists. Commonly occurred when selecting Forge as a Minecraft server type. Now its instant. Release Notes is an interim update to address some high priority issues.

  • Fixed a scheduler issue that caused interval triggers to not run during December (0-11 vs 1-12 for months)
  • Fixed an NRE in ADS if it recieves metrics data for a instance on a remote target that it hasn't synced yet
  • Fixed not being able to login to SFTP when using 2FA (password+2fa)
  • Added a java selector option in the Minecraft module to accomodate multiple Java versions on the same system easily
  • Added additional search paths for the system certificate store (Fixes not being able to create instances on SuSe)
  • Added restriction to firewall sync to not attempt to sync ports below 1024.
  • Added WM_CLOSE option to Generic Module for Windows applications.
  • Added 'Send Wake-On-Lan' as a schedulable task (via CommonCore plugin) Release Notes is primarily a QoL release while we work on bigger things behind-the-scenes. Notable in this update are lots of UI tweaks for mobile, a new Create Instance screen for ADS and updates for Minecraft and Space Engineers.


  • Logging of process starts now attempts to remove usernames/passwords from command line flags regardless of how they appear.
  • Extensive layout changes across AMP on mobile, fixing all kinds of issues from the scheduler to the server management in ADS.
  • Cross-instance metrics reporting to ADS are enabled again for further testing, but not showing in the user interface.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [ADS] New 'create instance' screen. Now shows an image preview, new layout and has the option to show a better description for users.
  • [File Manager] Layout controls no longer 'float' on mobile when looking at a directory with a very long path.
  • [FiveM] user.cfg now gets prepended to server.cfg and user.cfg is removed from the load order.
  • [Space Engineers] Updated config to remove/add/update settings as appropriate. New instances now start correctly Out-of-the-box.
  • [Minecraft] CustomOpts setting now automatically adapts to remove redundant/conflicting flags. So users could for example paste in the complete Aikars flags without it messing up.
  • [Minecraft] Updated pre-processing to accomodate changes to Bedrock log format.
  • [Rust] Custom startup flags setting now shows in the UI.