This update includes API changes, and as such is not backwards/forwards compatible with the 2.0.8.x series of releases.

Notable in this release is validation for Ubuntu 20.10, and general improvements to the setup experience.

How to update AMP to the latest version

Instance Manager

  • No longer requires an environment reset on start. Starts up faster as a result.
  • Fixes to parameter escaping to allow spaces during quickstart/GetAMP
  • Fixed 'Ports' command to show listening ports correctly when the protocol is 'Both' (UDP+TCP) - shows as listening if either is listening.
  • Added a CTRL+C trap during Quickstart to handle the situation where users try to use CTRL+C to copy the URL to browse to.
  • Added an option to StartBoot to only start ADS instances.


  • Fixed a thread collision issue in UpdateRemoteInstanceList, affected Controller/Target setups.
  • Fixed AttachADS not behaving desirably if you tried to attach a target to an ADS instance that isn't configured as a controller.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed Paper updates getting the oldest version rather than the newest.
  • Changed JVM search path order on Linux to show more JVM versions.
  • Installer JARs will no longer be shown in the server JAR list.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an NRE in the Starbound module.
  • GetAMP applies --yes to repo operations (Fixes issues with Ubuntu 20.10)
  • ampinstmgr SystemD unit will only start ADS instances, and ADS will start other boot-time instances later on.
  • Prevent Super Admins role from being modified. Also hide the delete button for non-editable roles.
  • Fixed layout issues with steam login/guard popup.