2.0.2 Release Notes

Release 2.0.2 includes a much-requested feature - proper SFTP support! This replaces the FTP(S) server originally found in the File Manager Plugin. This new implementation is much easier to configure, requiring just a single port and with automatic key generation, as well as being much faster and more reliable.


  • More layout and design tweaks.
  • Gravatar now uses 'Mystery Person' for unknown users globally.
  • Libraries used by plugins can now be loadaed without requiring that AMP itself is linked to them.

File Manager (Significant Changes)

  • Internal FTP server has been replaced by a SFTP server.
  • Automatically generates keypairs instead of requiring that the user provide a certificate. Uses a 521 bit elliptic curve key (highly secure!)
  • Default port changed from 2121 to 2222.
  • Internal SSH server. You can connect to AMP itself directly with an SSH client for a highly limited shell. Lets you download files, unzip archives and calculate MD5 sums. Follows same permissions restrictions as file manager itself.
  • Settings in FileManagerPlugin.kvp have all been renamed FTP -> SFTP and will need re-enabling.

Plugin/Module Changes

  • [ADS] Callback response for template deployment now includes ID of the created instance.
  • [ADS] Updated default port ranges to accomodate file manager port usage changes.
  • [FiveM] Update updater code to accomodate changed URLs and download location, gives a more specific error if a URL couldn't be determined.
  • [FiveM] Fixed missing GameName flag when generating command line flags for RedM on Windows. Release Notes

Whoa, it's finally here! With AMP 2.0 we're starting to finally roll out the Enterprise licences in a limited trial (which we will be expanding in the coming weeks), along with a visual refresh in some important places.


  • Improved fault tollerance for Websocket connection failures. Falls back more readily to polling on failure.
  • Fixed status and console not refreshing in "Manage in new tab" due to websocket changes.
  • Updated CSP headers to allow inline styling and scripts.
  • Plugin message pusher trashes old messages with the same source and request when pushing new messages. Fixes stall on login to ADS in controller/target mode due to old queued up refresh messages.
  • Sessions that have an active websocket connection will be no longer ended.
  • Log when a session is ended and why.
  • New scheduler layout.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll the side menu when there is insufficient vertical space.
  • Lots of style changes and tweaks.
  • Running tasks can no longer be ended twice (fixes all kinds of NRE issues in random places in response to repeated actions performed too quickly)
  • Fixed crash on shutdown if unable to write LastExitCode due to being out of disk space.


  • [Linux] Add 32-bit LibSDL to dependencies list for srcds.

AMP Service (Windows)

  • Stops itself properly when the AMP core terminates.

Rust Module

  • Handle empty Level URL properly (exclude its setting)
  • Use console handling hacks so that startup process shows up in console pre-RCON connection.
  • Add Rust+ Port Option.
  • World size defaults to 4500.

Minecraft Module

  • Move new Minecraft update check to AppServer rather than module init.
  • SyncChunkWrites is now on by default.
  • No longer crashes on update if Cuberite download fails with 0 byte file.

ADS Module

  • First-time setup won't overwrite the licence key with a blank value, useful for re-running first-time setup.
  • Added option to exclude individual instances from automatic firewall management.

Update instructions: How to update AMP to the latest version