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AMP 'Ganymede' Release Notes

  • Last Post 07 May 2021
Mike posted this 27 April 2021

AMP Release Notes

This is a minor bugfix release that notably restores Docker functionality that was broken due to an incomplete change in the fix.


  • Added support for INI files to read/write as config stores (not yet used anywhere)

ADS Module

  • Fixed 'Upgrade AMP' incorrectly showing that the feature is unavailable if done via the instances screen instead of via the Support tab due to unloaded data.

Instance Manager

  • [Core] Fixed binding issue in Docker instances that prevented activation as a result of the new virtual home directories.
  • [CLI] Restart running instances on password change if they were previously running.
  • [CLI] Magic reconfigure now restarts ADS when done.

Minecraft Module

  • Updated filtering/regexes for Bedrock servers.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed missing base information for processing update states.

AMP Release Notes

This is a security hotfix to fix an incorrect access control issue that allowed logged in users to add custom firewall ports to ADS. Users could add ports so long as they had a valid login for ADS even if they didn't have permission to reconfigure instances.

ADS had some missing permissions metadata that would allow authenticated users logged into ADS to create custom firewall rules even if they didn't have the permission to modify instances.

If you don't use multiple users in ADS or if you only allowed fully trusted users access to ADS then you don't need to worry, you wouldn't be affected by this.

Because the user had to be logged in it's not a massive issue, but we've released an update immediately out of an abundance of caution.

Other security measures within AMP prevent ports below 1024 from ever being opened.

This issue was reported on 29/04/2021 and a fix was issued on 30/04/2021 - CVE-2021-31926

This update also includes a change to Docker handling that mounts the containers 'amp' user home directory to within the instance datastore so that anything that requires read/write access to a home directory will work correctly (git/jgit especially).

Mike posted this 07 May 2021

AMP Release Notes

This release is probably best dubbed the 'Community' release. It includes over a dozen fixes and changes requested specifically by the AMP community.

The headline feature for this release is the ability to see instance metrics (CPU/RAM/Users) from within ADS without needing to manage the individual instance. These are updated at a slower interval but it's still useful for a birds eye view.

This feature will continue to be expanded upon in future releases.

Because of the API changes in this release, ADS is not backwards/forwards compatible with previous releases and as such everything will need updating.

Documentation on updating AMP is here:

Remember to clear your browser cache!

Note: Enabling Instance Metrics

Part of the functionality for this has existed within AMP for some time, but has remained dormant.

ADS can be configured to recieve Metrics data by setting MetricsServerPort in ADSModule.kvp to a free UDP port (Default is 12820). The instances will report their status to their Auth server again so long as MetricsServerPort is set in their AMPConfig.conf - setting the port to 0 disables this.

You can enable this en-masse for your instances by running ampinstmgr reconfiguremultiple \* +Core.Login.MetricsServerPort 12820

Right now Instances report their data to their auth server, in the future they will report it specifically to their targets which will aggregate the reports. Metrics requests aren't authenticated so you should configure your controller not to accept requests to port 12820 except from hosts that are running your servers.

ADS Module

  • Headline Feature: Metrics for instances are now visible on ADS where available! Once ADS has metrics data for a running instance, arrows will appear in its bottom right corner to let you cycle between the available sets of information.

AMP Core

  • 'Finish' step for wizards will no longer fire after a wizard has been hidden. Fixes an issue where finish could be spammed multiple times to perform the action multiple times while the dialog is fading out.
  • Avoid using new WebClient, use a smaller number of static HttpClients which can handle concurrent requests.
  • Fixed bindings for new tasks in the scheduler whereby pressing the buttons for the variables didn't update the value correctly, so they were omitted unless extra text was entered.
  • Fixed task complete callbacks in the web interface (fixes all kinds of things that had become unresponsive)

File Manager Plugin

  • Fixed renaming files/folders over SFTP that are in the root directory.
  • Attempting to upload a folder (which fails, ZIP required) no longer shows a green tick which could confuse users, instead shows a red cross.
  • Added a Kebab menu to each item for mobile devices that don't respond to the default press+hold event in lieu of right click.

Local File Backup Plugin

  • Fixed 'Mark as sticky' toggle on new backups.
  • Implemented path substitutions, {InstanceName}, {InstanceId} and {Module} are available as substitutions for the backup storage path.
  • Fixed sticky backups not being identified as such.

Minecraft Module

  • Added support for automatically downloading Purpur.

ARK Module

  • Added custom RCON password option.
  • Updated startup flags.
  • Use session ID to clear inventory rather than Steam ID

Web Request Plugin

  • Allow Content-Type to be specified for POST requests.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Implemented retries. If enabled (off by default) AMP will re-try failed SteamCMD downloads up to 5 times (adjustable).

AMP Instance Manager

  • (CLI) Clearer message for ADS check if you do RebindInstance


  • Extra sanity checks and clarification on user inputs.