AMP - The 'Scheduler' Update

This update focuses mostly on AMPs scheduler, and introduces a number of changes:

  • Tasks can be edited, allowing you to fix mistakes or change values of tasks without removing and re-adding them.
  • Tasks can be re-ordered!
  • Tasks are executed equentially, in the order you supply. This doesn't apply to non-blocking tasks though which fall through to the next task immediately.
  • A new 'Simple' option has been added to the add trigger interface.

Other changes:

  • Use the appropriate API to get information on FiveM updates, added a new setting to pick the desired release stream.
  • GetAMP no longer skips the Java installation, since lots of systems have the wrong version installed.

Because of the API changes, this release is not backwards/forwards compatible with the previous release. is an out-of-band update primarily for the purpose of pushing a security fix, along with some work in progress UX improvements.

  • Fixed a security issue involving a lack of validation on the Java Version dropdown. (CVE-2021-34539)
  • The full screen login popup is suppressed for well known login failures.
  • Status buttons are now replicated on the Console tab.
  • Managing an instance of a compatible but different version will no longer cause a cache flush when you reload ADS.
  • The 'Spawn Radius' setting is hidden for Bedrock since it doesn't have it.
  • Fixed the 'Third party' warning being shown every time.
  • Setting categories have been merged together and given new headings to make things easier to find.
  • Implemented a new 'RepairAuth' command for ampinstmgr. Replaces old 'Magic' command.

AMP is primarily a bugfix and QoL release while we're working on some bigger changes surrounding ADS and the Generic module, and preparing for more games.


  • Extra logging on API Endpoint failures (especially for Auth cycle)

Generic Templates

  • [Valheim] Updated to hide unused port.


  • Additional logging on API endpoints (similar to AMPCore)
  • Fixed a bug where additional headers would continually stack on top of each other in controller/target mode and eventually fail.
  • Service Limit setting is now exposed to the user interface.
  • Allow for hidden Generic templates in ADS.

Instance Manager

  • [Core] Generic module name is used as the basis for the instance name, and is sanitised to remove bad characters.

Generic Module

  • Fixed behaviour of multiple update sources when multiple Steam repos are used in the same install.
  • Implemented overwriting of update targets.
  • Implemented a 'force steam login' option.
  • Add support for AMP Auth (Used for Kaboom! and future CubeCoders games)
  • Implemented Endpoint parsing - can accomoodate IPv4 and v6 addresses, with and without square brackets, with and without the port number.

Minecraft Module

  • Gracefully handle 404s in Papers API when making secondary requests for version information.


  • Now writes out an installation summary to ~/ampsummary.log for future reference as to what options were selected during installation.
  • Added Java 16 to default installation.