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AMP 'Ganymede' Release Notes

  • Last Post 08 April 2021
Mike posted this 27 January 2021 Release Notes

AMP is a minor bugfix release with minimal changes.

  • [Core] Fixed console history again (pressing up arrow to access previously entered commands)
  • [Core] Show the PID of the last started process by AMP on the support tab.
  • [Generic] Correct base directory used for unzipping multiple update sources.
  • [Generic] Fixed potential NRE when using OS_CLOSE on a crashed process.
  • [Generic] Will no longer attempt to writeline if STDIN is not redirected as a result of misconfiguration.
  • [Valheim] Updated configs to use newer update sources mechanism and re-added public flag again.
  • [SteamCMD] Add double-quote to list of characters that need escaping for steam logins.
  • [Minecraft] Add a chmod +x on Linux for bedrock_server since newer archives don't seem to have the executable flag set.

AMP is a minor bugfix release, but also includes support for Valheim Plus! Release Notes

  • [ADS] Included new Generic configurations for Valheim Plus.
  • [FiveM] Developer changed Windows build to use .7z archives instead of .zip, so AMP now tries to invoke 7zip on Windows to extract them.
  • [Generic] Added support for multiple update sources in a single application (Used for V+) which are also platform-aware to allow different update sources for different OSs in the same configuration.
  • [Generic] Backwards compatbility fix for pre instances that caused the file manager/backups to not work correctly.
  • [Generic] Added support for lists and customised booleans (specific true/false) values as setting types.
  • [Generic] Added 'special' setting type to Generic to allow individual settings to have their values dumped to a file.
  • [Minecraft] Added extra Java version selection fallbacks.
  • [Valheim] Updated settings to remove the now-defunct Public setting, and add the Admin/Banned lists (these lists will populate themselves from existing files!)

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Mike posted this 08 February 2021

AMP 2.1 Release Notes

AMP 2.1 is a major new release, sporting a new codename! This update has some major new features, as well as enhancements to existing ones along the usual set of bugfixes and usability improvements. 40 brand new changes, not including the ones too minor to make it into the release notes.

How to update AMP to the latest version

Full Release Notes


  • Removed the 'Delete' button for non-editable roles.
  • Made the 'Update Available' notice more prominent.
  • Made the latest release notes visible even if no update is pending.
  • Webserver log shows correct certificate issuer name.
  • Lots of mobile and responsive tweaks across the board.
  • Setting change saves are made far more visible with tooltips.
  • Implemented a 'RandomPassword' setting type where AMP will generate a random password and give it to the user rather than having the user supply one.
  • Scheduler Fix for Monday/Sunday issue.
  • Added a 'Connect to server' button on the status screen for applications that support this.
  • Added console input history to the console tab. Use the up/down arrow keys to cycle through your history. If you type in a value and then cycle through the history and will be saved at the bottom of the list so you can go back to it.

Instance Manager

  • [Core] Autoconfigure can now accomodate reconfiguring existing instances (tries and re-uses the existing ports)
  • [CLI] Implemented Firewall sync for Windows
  • [CLI] Fixed IPTables rule duplication
  • [GUI] Disabled IP selection for new ADS instances on Windows by default (users can change this manually, too many people were messing this up)

ADS Module

  • Update option is no longer disabled for running instances, instead it prompts you to confirm that you want to shut down the instance to perform the upgrade.
  • Stopped instances can be managed, this will simply start up the instance when you try and manage it.
  • Fixed version syncing between controllers/targets.
  • Better messages if ADS/an instance needs updating with more friendly UI to take the appropriate action.
  • Docker settings on Windows are now hidden since they're not usable.
  • Implemented options for memory reservation/limits and CPU usage limits for Docker instances. (Linux Only)
  • Implemented custom port reservations for instances. E.g. Dynmap for Minecraft instances. Also syncs with firewall!
  • API version is used for compatibility testing rather than display version. Fixes issues managing nightly from release build even if they're compatible.
  • Automatic reactivation is now enabled by default, won't try and auto-reactivate an instance more than once in a 5 minute period.
  • Target URL is fed to file manager for links, so if you manage a remote instance the SFTP url etc will be correct.
  • Fixed Edit/Manage links showing for Local Instances which shouldn't be there (this worked though, weirdly)
  • Added a 'Connect to application' link in context menu where possible.


  • Package tweaks to support Ubuntu 20.10 better.
  • Add 'postSetupHTTPS' command to GetAMP to run through just the HTTPS setup portions on existing installations. Prompting for domain, validating config, etc.

Source Module

  • Added metadata for Fistful of Frags and No more room in Hell
  • Uses new RandomPassword setting type for custom RCON password.

Rust Module

  • Fixed duplicated UMod install notice each time you hit update.
  • Uses new RandomPassword setting type for custom RCON password.

Minecraft Module

  • Disabled deferred settings list - fixes wrong values showing up on login. They're not needed anymore since settings UI speedup.
  • Expanded Java search method to accomodate more version names/vendors/types.
  • Java.Path is now Java.CustomPath and only applies if JavaVersion is set to the new "Custom JVM" option.
  • Tries to perform TPS check regardless of the selected server type.
  • Expanded TPS check regex to include format used by Forge and other server types.
  • Third-party warning when using Spigot plugins tab for the first time.
  • Bedrock servers now use the correct port by default and have the IPv6 port being the same as the V4 port +1

Generic Module

  • Added an option to force a download of the Windows version of the application despite being on Linux (not useful yet, for something planned later)

Mike posted this 24 February 2021

AMP Release Notes

2106 is a hotfix that fixes the issue where applications with a protocol of 'Both' would only have the UDP port added and not the TCP port. It also includes an updates config for Valheim (new instances only!) that moves the save directory and has user join/leave handlers.

AMP Release Notes

AMP 2104 fixes some regressions in 2012 to do with the firewall/port management. And adds support for Valheim!

  • [ADS] Added manifests for Valheim. You can now create a Valheim instance just like any other, but it's powered by GenericModule!
  • [Generic] Uber update! Too many features to list here, but it's just awesome and way more powerful.
  • [Generic] Now allows extra settings to be applied to the UI, just like a real module!
  • [Firewall Sync] Ignores zeroed-out ports for situations where an ordinarily occupied port isn't used (used by generic module)
  • [Firewall Sync] Works again. Also fixes issues with not being able to change ports. Regression from 2102.
  • [Instance Manager] Tweaked deployment to handle escaping differently on Windows\Linux (bashslash handling)

AMP Release Notes

AMP 2102 is a minor bugfix release primarily to address some new issues introduced in 2.1, plus repair some functionalty that broke with a Windows Update.

  • [ADS] Updated default port ranges to accomodate FiveM defaults.
  • [ADS] Provide more information on the reason for remote auth failures.
  • [ampinstmgr] Fixed firewall sync with custom ports.
  • [Backups] Fixed not being able to toggle the sticky option.
  • [Core] No longer throws an error if clipboard is unavailable, instead explains why feature is unavailable.
  • [Firewall] Fixed firewall rule management on Windows.
  • [LIM] Fixed service instance creation on Windows, User-managed services do not function correctly on latest Windows 10 update so AMP no longer assumes that they do. Results in more UAC prompts during installation.
  • [Minecraft] Tweaked sleep code to show in the server list correctly, at the expense of a missing favicon.
  • [Minecraft] Version checks are faster, and run in parallel.

Mike posted this 08 April 2021 Release Notes

AMP is a feature-enhancement release that adds new functionality to the Generic module (used by Valheim right now), and includes a sexy new 'Black' theme!

  • [Core] New 'Black' theme! (CTRL+F5 after selecting it!)
  • [Core] Implemented 'Primary' running tasks that show on the status page.
  • [Core] Added a server state dispaly to the status page.
  • [Core] Fixed an issue where excessive updates were being sent for RunningTasks during initial creation.
  • [ADS] Fixed container information not being populated in instance information.
  • [ADS] Explicitly use "" instead of "localhost" when binding is to accomodate certain bad IPv6 setups.
  • [ADS] Fixed some threading/collision issues that would cause ADS to crash or stall.
  • [ADS] Added a "First time setup" button to ADS config.
  • [ampinstmgr] Tweaked firewall rule generation, doesn't try to use 'Any' protocol for Windows firewalls. Should be perfect now.
  • [File Manager] Changes to how SFTP login handles 2FA auth requests. Should work better on single instances rather than ADS.
  • [Generic] Added a 'minimum version' field. Not yet used.
  • [Generic] Added EnumValues to DynamicSettingProvider, allows configs to implement custom dropdowns.
  • [Generic] Added support for Checkboxes to DynamicSettingProvider, with custom true/false values.
  • [Generic] Added support for List based values to DynamicSettingProvider.
  • [Generic] Added support for 'special' settings in DynamicSettingProvider. Used to do things like dump a list to a file and source it from there too rather than being a command line option.
  • [Generic] Added a RunningTask (progress notification) for Start/Stop.
  • [Generic] If an update was triggered automatically by trying to start the application before it is installed, the application starts automatically once the update is complete.
  • [Generic] Added a 'BaseDirectory' option that changes where the file manager points to.
  • [Generic] Fixed the invocation of TaskKill for applications that rely on the OS_CLOSE ExitMethod. Fixes safe shutdown in Valheim.

Template Changes

  • [Valheim] Added settings for the Public flag, as well as configurable lists for the Admin and Banned user list via the panel that both read and write to the existing files. This only applies to new instances (for now) and not existing ones.

AMP Release Notes

2108 is a bugfix/QoL release with no appreciable new features.

API Compatibility: Controllers/targets need to match for this release to use new features (or create Generic-based instances), but ADS and the individual instances do not.

  • [ampinstmgr] 'DumpPorts' behaves more similarly to UpdateFirewall in terms of its handling of 'Both' ports for firewall rules.
  • [ampinstmgr] Don't use intersects to calculate ports to add/remove.
  • [ampinstmgr] Added a 'ResetFirewall' command to remove all AMP rules from the system firewall (except RP)
  • [Core] Refreshed console logic, looks better and is simpler.
  • [ADS] Lock instances on refresh to avoid a race condition during enumeration.
  • [ADS] Show the name of the generic module template used to create an instance (Suffixed with [G] for GenericModule)
  • [ADS] Fixed 'Edit Ports' functionality in controller/targets setups.
  • [AIM] Only store network provision/meta arguments for instances rather than the entire config.
  • [AIM] Include backslashes in list of characters to escape for Docker deploys. Fixes creating Valheim and other generic instances in Docker.
  • [AIM] More explicitly log instance creation failures.
  • [AIM] Fixed over-checking of provisioning arguments for CommonCore.
  • [AIM] Allow richer Endpoint URI formats to include specific provisioning nodes. Used immediately to allow ApplicationPort2 as the port in the Generic module to make the Valheim 'Connect to server' link work OOTB. Backwards compatible with old format.
  • [AIM] Fixed Docker information not being re-populated when editing an instances settings. Saving worked fine but it wasn't loading.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed a crash if it tries to update Paper when the paper version info is missing.
  • [Generic] No longer crashes if settings manifest is missing.
  • [Backups] Add .pending to exclude list.
  • [Other] Mobile fix for NotRunning/Recovery page.