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AMP 2.3 'Triton' Release Notes

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  • Last Post 13 January 2022
Mike posted this 27 October 2021

AMP 2.3 Triton Release

This is a big release, with 6 new supported games, the addition of template roles to Network Edition Standard, a significant overhaul of the Windows Instance Manager GUI - new Generic features including KVP merging with Automap and Template Merging!

Big thanks to the CubeCoders Community and especially to IceOfWraith for contributing these new configurations for everyone else to enjoy!

Full release notes:

New Game Support

  • Craftopia
  • Don't Starve Together
  • Project Zomboid
  • Risk Of Rain 2
  • Starmade
  • Sven Coop.


  • Network Edition Standard can now use Template/Shared roles that apply across instances.
  • Fixed search results not showing for settings if their keyword is null.
  • Some general style/layout changes to make things look and feel nicer.
  • Fixed handling of checkboxes for modules with dynamic setting specifications (Generic)
  • Scheduler tasks now run asynchronously of their initial trigger. This fixes the issue where if all the tasks in a trigger take longer than 1 minute (especially if you use the Wait task) then the scheduler ends up running tasks in an unpredictable manner.

Generic Module

  • FetchURL and CopyFile now obey OverwriteExistingFiles.
  • Fixed XML merging with Automap.
  • Implemented KVP merging with Automap.
  • Implemented Template merging.
  • Added RCONConnectDelaySeconds and RCONConnectRetrySeconds settings.

Plugin/Module Changes

  • [7d2d] Fix some settings incorrectly being flagged as hidden.
  • [ADS] No longer syncs the auth server URL from controllers->targets if its set to localhost.
  • [ADS] Controllers now proxy requests to instances on remote targets via the remote ADS instance by default. It's slightly slower than direct mode (which is still an option) but much easier to set up.
  • [ARMA 3] Setting for custom command line flags is now exposed to the UI.
  • [File Manager] Increased buffer size for SFTP server. Should improve transfer performance on some systems.
  • [File Manager] SFTP server now black-holes (doesn't accept connections from) blacklisted IPs that previously would be ignored by the auth system.
  • [Firewall Manager] Added NFTables support.
  • [Minecraft] Added new settings and fixed bad default value for ResourcePackPrompt.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed a bug where saving local skin caches could crash the instance if the file was in use.
  • [Minecraft] Changed handling of AdditionalOpts to include a space.
  • [SteamCMD] Added some more workaround for SteamCMD bugs and tollerance for damaged data.

Instance Manager GUI

The GUI has been fairly significantly changed to reinforce that ADS is the tool to use in most situations.

  • Starting it while ADS is running will open ADS in a browser and not open the GUI at all.
  • Starting it with a configured but not-running ADS instance will warn you that you should be using ADS and offer to start it.
  • If you ignore this warning, then start ADS, then try to create an instance - it will open ADS in a browser and close the GUI.
  • After the first-time setup is complete and ADS is running, the GUI will exit.
  • If you cancel the first-time setup and there are no instances, the GUI will exit.
  • Starting ADS from the UI will automatically open ADS in a browser and immediately close the GUI.

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Mike posted this 13 January 2022 Update

This update focuses on updates to the Minecraft module, and some new Generic functionality to allow it to handle more config file formats.


  • Added support for Arch and arch-based Linux distros.
  • Fixed aarch64 handling for Java 17.
  • Setup pauses if there's a bad firewall configuration.
  • Now produces timestamped logs so successive runs don't overwrite the log file.


  • Added support for newer 1.17+ settings.
  • Additional log normalizer for Bedrock.
  • More JVM search paths.


  • Fixed bad 'incorrect status' message showing when waking from sleep.
  • Deprecated ConfigSeparator in Metaconfig files and replaced with ConfigFormat to allow more flexibility. See documentation.

Other Changes

  • [7 Days to Die] Added new settings for A20
  • [ADS] Added default port ranges for Valheim.
  • [Space Engineers] Updated default config so that Simplified Simulation is off by default.
  • [Satisfactory] Configuration update.
  • [SteamCMD Plugin] Added a hacky workaround for update checking to deal with a SteamCMD bug. Update

This update is being released early to help deal with the changes required to accommodate the new Minecraft release and support Java 17.

To get Java 17 on Linux, run the following command as root:

bash <(wget -qO- installJava

Switch over to root first using sudo su - don't put sudo in front of the above command.

Windows users should get Adoptium JDK 17 from

Generic Module

  • Checkbox config fields are given default values of 'True' and 'False' if no values are supplied.
  • Added $ExecutableWin and $ExecutableLinux as usable variables. Helps when using Proton.
  • The SteamCMD beta tag value can be specified by a setting now.
  • Added configuration merging support for XML using XPath (similar to JSON and JPath)
  • Implemented a restart limit (Default 5) so a failing application won't sit in a loop forever if it can't start.
  • Added extra logging on updates

Other Changes

  • [AIM] Minecraft instances use the new ampbase:java image rather than ampbase:java8. This includes Java 17 and is based on the newer Debian 11.
  • [The Forest] Re-implemented as a Generic config. Old module still exists for compatibility and while checking feature parity.
  • [Satisfactory] New config to allow using either Early Access or Experimental.
  • [Minecraft] Added more search paths for Java and expand accepted name formats and search scope. Update

This is a fairly significant update despite the lack of API changes that bump its version number. It includes support for 2 new games, more Generic functionality and LDAP support.

New Game Support

  • Astroneer - Windows Only - Community contribution by Tueem
  • Broke Protokol - Linux Only - Community contribution by gOOvER

AMP Core

Other Changes

  • [7d2d] Added support for custom Telnet passwords.
  • [AIM] Fixed bad enumeration when starting boot-time instances.
  • [AIM] Supports using Podman as an alternative to Docker.
  • [Backups] Fixed 'A backup has finished extracting' event firing too early.
  • [File Manager] Added additional SFTP functionality. Allows for renaming folders and moving files between folders.
  • [Minecraft] Add additional Java search paths for Windows. Allow searching for multiple 'flavours' of Java in a single pass.
  • [Generic] Fixed handling and merging of INI files.
  • [Generic] Allows using jpath syntax to search for update sources.
  • [Generic] Extra logging for config merging to help diagnose issues.
  • [Generic] If a setting is added of type Checkbox, AMP will assume that the values are "True" and "False" by default unless alternatives are provided.
  • [GetAMP] Add support for Rocky Linux.
  • [GetAMP] Adding DEB repos now uses signing keys specific to those repos downloaded into /usr/share/keyrings - this is more secure than allowing the keys globally and required for Debian 12 onwards.
  • [GetAMP] Fixed a script error if reverse DNS lookup fails.
  • [Satisfactory] Updated configuration
  • [SRCDS] Fixed some bad command line flags.

Mike posted this 19 November 2021

AMP Update

This is a minor update to fix some issues introduced in a previous release:

  • Fixed incorrect value being written to NextExitCode - Fixes automatic restarts/updates from the panel.
  • Updated configuration for Satisfactory, uses Windows binary directly to fix resource usage.
  • Fixed duplicate notification bug on Generic if start/stop is spammed.
  • Allow Shared Roles to be usable on Network Premium Edition.
  • Add more Java search paths for Windows, allows searching multiple 'Flavours' in a single pass.
  • Fixed packaging issue that broke 'ampinstmgr ports' on Windows for generic instances. Should also address firewall sync issues.

AMP 'Triton' Release

Triton is a major release, more in terms of its API and underlying changes to accomodate some of the new features.

This update is being released a bit earlier than planned so some of the functionality we hoped to have in 2.3 isn't quite here yet, but it was important that we get some of the other changes out sooner and the API change for the scheduler necessitated a release bump.

New Game Support: Satisfactory

We've formally shipped support for Satisfactory with this release. The previous release had it bundled in as a stealth update, but now it's everywhere for your enjoyment.

AMP Core

  • Responsive fixes for scheduler, much nicer on mobile now.
  • Implemented a basic 'once per month' schedule task.
  • Correctly detect multi-core virtual machines as being multiple cores rather than multiple sockets.

ADS Module

  • Tweaked formatting for the system information to be more compact.
  • Replace loading prompt with an animated placeholder to avoid a jarring reflow.
  • Added ports used by Satisfactory to the default application port ranges.

Generic Module

  • Added the ability to auto-merge configuration files for JSON and INI formats to save from having to write a full config spec when a sample/base file exists.
  • Fixed handling of Lists<> breaking the configuration UI if you close and re-open AMP after changing a list value without a restart.
  • Implemented decompression support for .tar.gz/.tgz
  • Fixed Timeout handling for applications that don't respond properly to clean shutdown requests.

Minecraft Module

  • Added new FTB update source.
  • Introduced a timeout to the sleep server to stop clients from holding sockets open.
  • Extra sanity checking on Forge version selection to reduce the risk of it causing issues if the version information could not be downloaded.

Instance Manager

  • Changed certificate sync logic to not include expired root certificates.