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AMP Backup, de-select all files

  • Last Post 07 May 2021
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Wrayzor posted this 06 May 2021

Hi, would it be possible to add a un-select all to the file system? I do not want to backup everything, as I can download the server files again easily. I want to be able to backup "only" the world save folder for both ark and minecraft. I have done it on my server, but it took a while to un-check all the folders and an auto option would be nice. This can also significantly decrease the backup sizes. I know I can use rsync or something, but like the built-in backup

Thanks for your consideration for this option.

Mike posted this 07 May 2021

You can technically do this, but there's no way to include things (right now) when an exclusion covers them. Might look into this.

You can use wildcards in the .backupExclude files to exclude classes of files etc, and while you could technically just put * in to exclude everything, there's no way to tell it to then include something else.

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