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AMP doesn't support MC Server type "Mohist"

  • Last Post 26 May 2021
Omega posted this 26 May 2021

Hello, I'm having an issue.

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2019

Product Name/Version: AMP Professional / v2.1.1.4, built 07/05/2021 19:00

Problem Description: MC Server wont start with custom type of Server called "Mohist" (Basically Paper and Forge mixed, is for mods and plugins use) When i try to start the server the cmd in amp says:

FATAL Failed to start the minecraft server

The server can be launched through an normal start.bat but not through AMP itself. Is there some sort of workaround for this? Here is my CMD Output and Latest.log:

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 Select Mohist as Server Jar (Download: | Im using 1.16.5) Step 2 Fail to load the server up Step 3 Cry xD

Actions taken to resolve so far: Contacted Mohist dev team over their discord, found another user experiencing the same problem. No help there.

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Mike posted this 26 May 2021

Make sure you use AMPs SFTP to add the files. Do not attempt to run any bat files, do not use Windows Explorer to add the files.

Omega posted this 26 May 2021

same issue... (Sorry I didnt specify how I used the bat file, I used it outside AMP)