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AMP Instance Manager failing to create instance (Possible IPv6 Config Error)

  • Last Post 29 December 2021
nAZklX posted this 29 December 2021

OS Version: Lubuntu 20.04 VM on Proxmox server

AMP Instance Manager version: v2.3.0.8 built 21/12/2021 15:40


Following the Ubuntu download steps here, upon reaching ampinstmgr quickstart USERNAME PASSWORD the process fails. output:

[Error] Failed to download AMP (Operation Cancelled). Possible cause: Improper IPv6 configuration ... OperationCanceledException(s)

[Error] at InstanceManagerPlugin.LocalInstanceManager.DonwloadAndUnpack (InstanceManager.Plugin.LocalAMPInstance Spec, Boolean SkipCache)

[Info] Instance creation failed. Reason: "The core archive failed to download or unpack"

What I've tried: I have not touched any IPv6 configuration on the server and the VM is assigned an IPv6 address. I've tried the Debian download method with the same error. Not sure what else to do here.

Mike posted this 29 December 2021

What's the output of ping -6 ?