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Ark modded server failing to start - Signal 11 caught

  • Last Post 07 January 2021
adamjones353 posted this 30 December 2020

I have setup an ark server using amp and it works fine until I try to add any mods. I follow the below guide but when you start the server it throws an error and does a restart. Viewing the apm log for the instance I have been able to pull out this error

LowLevelFatalError [File:F:\build\Live320\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Linux\LinuxPlatformProcess.cpp] [Line: 652]
FLinuxPlatformProcess::WaitForProc: waitid for pid -1 failed (errno=22, Invalid argument)
Signal 11 caught.
EngineCrashHandler: Signal=11
[17:43:13] [ARK:Adam Warning]     : The application stopped unexpectedly. Exit code 139

I have tried both methods from the guide and they both result in the same issue. I don't fully understand steamcmd but I think this is an issue with what mod is being pulled down is for window and not the Linux version.

Any help or advice on this would be appreciated

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Mike posted this 31 December 2020

If it's fine without mods and has issues with, then that wouldn't be something that AMP has much to do with. I'd advise asking the ARK Community what's up.

adamjones353 posted this 04 January 2021

After a lot of testing, I was able to get the mods working, I believe the successful step was running the that is in the ark server files. I say believe as I did a lot of other things trying to get it working so it could be a combination of items. I do need to step up a second instance so I will try to document better and report back with the findings.

Greelan posted this 07 January 2021

If you look at the content of, you can see that it essentially does exactly the same thing as the first symlink command in the GitHub wiki instructions - creates the Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/SteamCMD/Linux directory and places and the Linux32 directory in it. But the symlink approach is more robust as that will get any future updates to the ARK server files.

If you followed the wiki instructions correctly then that should work equally as well as running (however that script does not have the second symlink command in the wiki instructions, which my research and testing found was necessary too).

The script also suffers from the defect that if it is run by the amp user, the sudo command in it will throw an error; however, if it is instead run by root or a sudoer, it will create the directory and place the data in it with the wrong ownership permissions.

The wiki instructions have been tested by me on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04, and others have successfully used them too.