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ARK: SE: GameUserSettings.ini always empty

  • Last Post 17 January 2022
  • Topic Is Solved
JesusVII posted this 08 January 2022

Hi, my settings in the GameUserSettings.ini seems to be always Emptied out, and I have no clue why?

I've tried multiple settings, defaults, complex ones and very simple one


And they always end up empty when I restart the server and just plain no work.

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Mike posted this 08 January 2022

That's a file that's not controlled by AMP, that's down to the game - I'd suggest asking the developers/ARK community what's going on with that.

JesusVII posted this 17 January 2022

The problem stemmed from an invalid server name, the name used in the file had an unsupported character and that caused the file to get wiped.