I am trying to setup Arma 3 Headless clients to support Arma 3 servers with calculations with big player missions. This needs the arguments to be edited. I can manualy edit the Arma3Module.kvp file to add my needed argument but there are arguments that cannot be edited that need to be removed. Could someone please tell me where to edit this?

below is the argument i mean. the part where it says -client -connect=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the needed arguments to start in headless client mode, the stuff in front of it needs to be removed or at least the -port -ip -config -world arguments.

The support pages tells me the following arguments at Last Arguments:

-profiles=/home/amp/.ampdata/instances/Arma3test/arma3/233780/A3Master -bepath=/home/amp/.ampdata/instances/Arma3test/arma3/233780/A3Master/battleye -port=2302 -ip= -config=CONFIG_server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -world=empty * -client -connect= -password=*****

Also I have found out that if you have the switch "use 64bit server" selected to on, the config file does not point to the 64bit executable.

As a feature request, Could headless client be added to the AMP GUI config?