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Autostart of Minecraft instance not done

  • Last Post 28 April 2020
xxdodox71xx posted this 27 April 2020

I have the following problem: I want my AMP Minecraft Server to start automatically at 08:30, but only the AMP instance starts and not my Minecraft instance.

AMP Release "Lapetus" v1.9.8.6, built 08/04/2020 16:33

Windows Server 2019

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Mike posted this 27 April 2020

Manage the specific instance and search for "Start" in the top right search bar.

xxdodox71xx posted this 27 April 2020

I dont have Any button to search in my amp

Mike posted this 28 April 2020

Is the Minecraft instance set to start on boot in ADS? And is the setting in ADS to start boot time instances enabled?