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Backup size (Minecraft)

  • Last Post 22 December 2020
Marcolino posted this 17 December 2020

Hello, the scheduled backups in the minecraft instance work again since the new update, but I have the problem that a wrong backup size is always shown on the latest backup. (Screenshot) If I would restart AMP the correct backup size is shown again. (Tested a few times)

The correct size would be sth around 2.5-3 GB but it shows 7.32 GB in this case.

Can you help me with that?


AMP Screenshot

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Mike posted this 22 December 2020

AMP shows the size of the original data rather than the size of the zip itself. Also make sure to set up exclusions for DynMap or any other plugins that generate large amounts of data.

Marcolino posted this 22 December 2020

Thx. But why changes the value when I restart the Minecraft Instance?

After I have taken the Backup it showed 7.32 GB and after I restartet the instance it showed sth around 3GB for the same backup. That must be a bug. This is every time the case. The values dont update. My current backup sizes for the last days are like 13GB, 14Gb, 15GB. If I would restart the Minecraft instance now it would show sth around 7Gb, 8Gb, 9GB. I checked with an external ftp viewer. These are the correct sizes but not they, that are shown before I restart the Minecraft instance. I dont want to restart the Instance all the time to see the correct backup size.. :/

Ps: I´ve already set exclusions thx