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Backups fail on lucky perms database

  • Last Post 11 November 2020
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OrionPax posted this 10 November 2020

OS: Windows10 Pro, latest AMP Paper 16,3

Hi, Eevery night the backups of one of the running minecraft servers fail with the following error:

Unable to complete task This task could not be completed: Creating Backup - latest (4801 MB).

Unable to add D:\AMPDatastore\Instances\Cybertron\Minecraft\plugins\LuckPerms\ to archive: Het proces heeft geen toegang tot het bestand omdat een gedeelte van het bestand door een ander proces is vergrendeld. - aborting.

It looks like another process is using the Lucky Perms database. This never was an issue before and i have another minecraft server on the same AMP instance that does not have this problem.

There is nothing to be found in any of the logfiles.

Any suggestions?

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OrionPax posted this 11 November 2020

Thanks, found it!

Mike posted this 11 November 2020

In AMPs file manager, click the file and then the option is on the right.

OrionPax posted this 11 November 2020

Thanks, How can i exclude a file in the backup?

Mike posted this 11 November 2020

Exclude that file from the backups if something is holding it open. Or try stopping the server before taking the backup.